Assignment 1 Technology used in Education

  • Lev Vygotsky

    Lev Vygotsky
    Learning is cognitive development shaped by individual differences and the influence of culture
  • John Dewey

    John Dewey
    Learning is individual growth that come about tthrough social experiences
  • Period: to

    Technologic based Theories and how Technology has Evolved

  • First Computer used for Intruction

    First Computer used for Intruction
    Computer Driven Flight Simulator trains MIT pilots
  • Period: to

    Pre-Microcomputer Era

  • First Computer used with School Children

    First Computer used with School Children
    IBM 650 computer teaches binary Arithmetic in NYC
  • University Time-Sharing Systems 1960-1970

    Faculty/Students in universities across the country use mainframe systems for programming and shared utilities.
  • Jean Piaget

    Jean Piaget
    Learning is cognitive growht through neurological and social maturation
  • Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) movement emerges

    Large-scale, ferderally funded university projects use mainframe/minicomputer systems with schools
  • Mainframe and minicomputer applications dominate field

    Schools begin using computers for instruction and administration CDC president William Norris (1977) announces PLATO will revolutionize instruction
  • First Microcomputers enter Schools

    First Microcomputers enter Schools
    Using desktop systems, classroom teachers begin to take back control of instructional and administrative applications from district data-processing offices
  • Period: to

    Microcomputer Era

  • CAI movement declines; computer literacy movement begins

    Arthur Luehrmann coins term computer literacy for skills in programming and using software tools (aka word processing) Molnar (1978) warns that non-computer literate students will be educationally disadvantaged
  • First Microcomputer application spawns movements

    Field focuses on software publishing initiatives and teacher authoring software. The computer literacy computers-as-tools approach gives way to Logo's computer-based, problem-solving approach
  • Jerome Bruner

    Jerome Bruner
    Learning is cognitive growth through interaction with the environment
  • Integrated Learning Systems (ILSs) emerge

    Schools begin to see ILS networked systems as cost-effective solutions for instruction to address required standards; marks movement away from stand-alone systems and toward central server with connected computers
  • Period: to

    Internet Era

  • World Wide Web (WWW) is born

    First Browser (Mosaic) transforms a formerly text-based Internet into a combination of text and graphics. Teachers enter the "Information Super-Highway"
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) creates standards

    ISTE sponsors creation of National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) to guide technology skills, first for students, then for teachers and administrators
  • Google is Founded

    Google is Founded
  • Howard Gardner

    Howard Gardner
    Learning is shaped by innate intelligences
  • Internet use Explodes

    Online and distance learning increases in higher education then in K-12 schools
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) updates

    issues new, updated standards for teachers, students, and administrators