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  • controlled software

    controlled software
    in 1941 konrads zuse's z3, the first computer controlled software.
  • rubber

    arnold collins was the first to invent synethic rubber in 1943
  • kidney

    in 1944 the kidney dialysis machine was invented by willem kolff
  • tubber ware

    tubber ware
    in 1946 tubber ware seal was invented by earl silas
  • juke box

    juke box
    in 1948 robert hope jches invented the warlitzer jukebox.
  • cake mix

    cake mix
    in 1949 the cake mix was invented by Duff and Sons, a molasses company
  • credit card

    credit card
    in 1950 ralph schneider invented the first credit card.
  • super glue

    super glue
    in 1951 super glue was invented by harry wesley coover jr.
  • soft drink

    soft drink
    in 1952 the first diet soft drink was invented and sold by kirsch which was was known as a gingerale.
  • mcdonalds

    in 1954 ray kroc invented the first fast food restarurant known as mcdonalds or micky d's
  • hover craft

    hover craft
    in 1956 chistopher cockerell invented the first hover craft device.
  • laser

    in 1958 gordon invented laser
  • fiber tip

    fiber tip
    the fiber tip pen was invented by yukio horie in 1962
  • basic

    in 1964 basic was invented by john george kemeny and tom kurz
  • compact disk

    compact disk
    in 1965 james russel invented the compact disk.
  • electronic fuel

    electronic fuel
    in 1966 electronic fuel for cars was invented in britain.
  • calculator

    in 1967 the first hand held calculator was invented by texas instruments
  • mouse

    the computer mouse was inventeed by douglas engelbant in 1968
  • floppy disk

    floppy disk
    in 1970 the first floppy disk was invented by alan shugart.
  • liquid crystal display

    liquid crystal display
    in 1971 the first liquid crystal display was invented by james fergason.
  • hacky sack

    hacky sack
    in 1972 the play toy known as the hacky sack was invented byby john stalberger and mike marshall.
  • local computer network

    local computer network
    in 1973 the ethernet also known as the local computer network was invented by robert metcalfe and xenot.
  • post it notes

    post it notes
    in 1974 the post it notes was invented by arthur fry.
  • spread sheet

    spread sheet
    in 1978 dan bricklin and bob frankston invented the visicalc spread sheet.
  • roller blades

    roller blades
    in 1979 scott olson invents the useful and entertaining roller blades often used in roller rinks or skate parks.
  • microscope

    in 1981 the scanning tunneling microscope was invented by gerd karl binning and heinrich rohrer.
  • super conductor

    super conductor
    in 1986 the high tempature super conductor was invented by j. george bealnorz and karl a. muller.
  • synethic skin

    synethic skin
    in 1986 synthetic skin skin was invented by g.gregory gallico the 3rd.
  • doppler radar

    doppler radar
    the doppler radar was invented by by christain andreas doppler. was invented in 1988.
  • prozac

    in 1988 prozac was invented at the eli lilly company by ray fuller.
  • genectically engineered animal

    genectically engineered animal
    the first patent for a genetically engineered animal is issued to harvard researches philip leder and timothy stewart.
  • world wide web

    world wide web
    in 1990 the world wide web and internet protocol and www language (HTML) created by tim berners lee.
  • smart pill

    smart pill
    the smart pill was created and invented by jerome schentag. was invented in 1992. the oill referred to any pill that can deliver or control it's delivery of medicine without the patent having to take action beyond swallowing.
  • web tv

    web tv
    in 1996 web tv was invented by diba inc. and zenith electronics.
  • fuel cell

    fuel cell
    in 1997 the fuel cell was invented by francis t.bacon
  • tekno bubbles

    tekno bubbles
    in 1999 the tekno bubbles was invented by bryon and melody swetland. the tekno bubbles were used for entertainment purposeses they were just like other bubbles except they glowed under ultraviolet light and in the dark.
  • transformer fluid from vegetable oils

     transformer fluid from vegetable oils
    in 2000 enviromentally friendly transformer fluid from vegetable oils invented by t.v. oomen.
  • artificial heart

    artificial heart
    in 2001 the first artificial heart was invented by abiomed.
  • virtual keyboard

    virtual keyboard
    in 2002 the virtual keboard was invented by canesta and vkb.
  • braille glove

    braille glove
    in 2002 braille glove was invented by james auger and jimmy lozicau.
  • camflouage system

    camflouage system
    in 2003 the opitcal camflouage system was invented by susmu tachi masahiko inami , and naoki kawakami.
  • flower sound

    flower sound
    in 2004 the flower sound was invented by the japanese based let's corporation. flower sound was basically flowers that played music. this device was for entertainment purposes.