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Ashley Chee- Digital Audio

  • Before Technology

    Before Technology
    Before technology, amazing music is only available in auditorium. Famous musican such as Beethoven, Mozart etc. performed. It was not a very popular place to go since only royalties and rich families can attend this.
  • Gramophone

    The first gramophone was first invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. A gramophone is a flat disk made by plastic whilest the sound is recorded on a very fine line, a needle is also needed to touch the groove. The first ever gramophoe was made of glass, later zinc and plastic.
  • Radio

    Oliver Lodge and Alexander Muirhead carried out an experiment of making a working radio after a gramophone and telephone. The two talented men managed to make the first ever radio!
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    The record plater came out im the early 19's. Although t works so much easier than a gramophone it still need a needle to touch the groove to make it work.
  • Walkman

    A walkman is a portable audio cassette player. The original walkman came out in Japan in 1979. In 1980, walkman came out worldwide. It was also believe that 385 million of units of walkman sold in 2009.
  • iPod

    An iPod is a portable digital player with a screen that can save about 10,000 songs. The storage capacity of an iPod is between 2GB to 160GB. Newer versions of iPod consists of various colours, size and consists of games, calenders, emails and a lot more apps.
  • iPhone

    First generation iPhone gave a huge opptyrnity to everybody who wants a phone, iPod and a mini personal computer. It was portable and the price was also decent.