Arctic Monkeys

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  • The beginnings

    The beginnings
    The band was created in Sheffield, in the UK. The original members were; Alex Turner (Vocals and guitar), Matt Helders (Vocals and drums), Jamie Cook ( Guitar and keyboards), and Andy Nicholson (Bass).
  • .Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not

    .Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not
    Their first album was released in 2006, it included #1 hits the band had dropped before such as "when the sun goes down" and "I bet you look good on the dancefloor". It was recorded by Domino records and it became the fastest-selling debut album in a week's time in the UK.
  • Andy leaves

    Andy leaves
    Andy Nicholson (Bass) leaves the band, they replaced him with Nick O'Malley.
  • Favourite Worst Nightmare

    Favourite Worst Nightmare
    They released their second album, it also reached #1 in the UK charts, the album included songs like; Brianstorm, 505 and Teddy Picker, which are songs that are still being played today by the band.
  • Glastonbury

    Due to their previous success inside the UK music scene, the Arctic Monkeys get to headline Glastonbury, which is the UK´s biggest music festival.
  • Humbug

    The Monkeys released their third album, this was called Humbug, and included hits like; Crying lightning, Cornerstone, Pretty visitors and My propeller, these songs are still being played by the band as of today.
  • Suck it and see

    Suck it and see
    They released their fourth album, at this point the hadn't been able to break into the united states, and although every other record had reached #1 in the UK charts, they wanted more, this album includes songs like; Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair and Brick by Brick.
  • Breaking into the US.

    Breaking into the US.
    They changed their styles completely, they wanted to become a great show for people to go and see, they released R u mine and went on tour with the Black Keys trough the US, this was the only time where the band wasn't the main show during the tour.
  • Glastonbury part 2

    Glastonbury part 2
    After having great success with their previous releases, and being a new band with a whole new style, the Monkeys headlined Glastonbury again, this time was a whole different show in comparison to their first time, they closed the first day.
  • AM

    The band released their fifth album, and after touring the US they had finally made it, AM debuted #6 in the US charts(the highest any of the albums had ever got) also, they got #1 in the UK charts, this meant they were the first indie band with 5 consecutive #1 debut albums.
  • Tranquility Hotel Base Casino

    Tranquility Hotel Base Casino
    The band tried a whole new thing with their sixth album, they got a bit away from rock and tried new elements, they succeeded and became the fourth band to achieve #1 with their first six studio albums, they are only behind greats from the UK scene like; The Beatles, Oasis and Coldplay.