Architecture & Buildings Cowstelo Na Polina

  • Period: 500 to

    Cowstel Na Polina

    Timespan of Cowstelo
  • Nov 19, 600

    End of Civalisation

    The civil war ends Cowstello Na Polina
  • Aug 19, 1351

    Upper Class Buildings are made in stone

    The upper class of society have been built purely of stone.
  • May 3, 1407

    Royal Building are Built

    The royal buildings have been constructed.
  • Aug 20, 1558

    Completion of Capital City

    Capital City construction is completed
  • Markets

    Markets are built in wood
  • War ends

    Because we used our cows in rodeo
  • First War With mauri's

    Beginning of first war with mauri
  • Capital City

    Capital City is under construction
  • Gold Rush

    A gold rush starts and people start flocking from around the country.
  • Civil War

    A civil war begins
  • Using of Stone

    Stone is first used in the new era
  • Mud Huts

    First Mud Brick and Clay huts are built
  • Beginning of Cowstello Na Polino

    Small huts and farms are made providing food and shelter