• The Navigation Act

    Aimed to control of world trade from Dutch
    Certain enumerated goods, such as tobacco and sugar, had to be transported in English ships and sold in English ports
    They could be reexported to foreign markets
    European goods shipped to colonies had to be shipped through England
    Enabled English people to reap benefits of Colonial trade and government to get income from taxes
    Rise in New England's shipbuilding industry
  • New Netherland Conquest

    First to come under English controlled after the restoration of English monarchy in 1660. Sparking a new want for colonial exploration.
  • King Phillip's war

    Indian Alliance launched attacks on farms and settlements (1675)
    Wampanoag leader (Metacom) known as King Phillip to Englanders
    By 1676 Indians attacked nearly half of New England's 90 towns
    12 In Massachusetts destroyed
    1,000/52,000 settlers died 3,000/20,000 Native Americans in New England Died
    Mid 1676 counterattack by settlers, Iroquois provided military aid to colonists,
    Metacom was executed, Indian villages were destroyed, captives were killed or sold into slavery.
    Indians as savages
  • The Great Awakening

    Beginning in 1730's
    Fears that the growth of westward expansion, commercial development, Enlightenment Rationalism, and lack of individual engagement in church services sparked unplanned religious revivals throughout colonies.
    In Middle east Wahabbism called for a return to practices in early days
    George Whitefield-arrived in 1739 famous preacher, inspired other preachers, and people had a sense to find religious practices that they believe other than following the government.
    pg 125-127