• Aug 21, 1441

    Age of Confidence - Sea travel, henry the navigator

  • Aug 21, 1534

    French Colonize Canda

  • Aug 21, 1562

    French Colonize FL

  • Aug 21, 1572

    St. Bartholemus Massacre

    Huguenots killed in France
  • Defeat of Spanish Armada by british

    led to british domination
  • Period: to

    Beginning of the End for Spanish Empire

  • Jamestown est

  • Tobacco a big deal

  • Rolfe perfects VA leaf tobacco -> cash crop

  • House of Burgesses starts in VA

  • Pilgrims get to Plymouth, MA

    Mayflower. Not too important. William Bradford govt. Separate from Church of England
  • Period: to

    Powhatan's uprising

    tobacco exhaust soil so colonist move west and mess up indian land so indians rebel.
  • VA Company bankrupt - VA becomes royal colony

  • New Amsterdam est.

  • Puritans arrive on Arabella

    City on the Hill. Led to harvard, yale, etc.
  • Puritans arrive Winthrop

  • Period: to

    Great Migration

    large amounts of puritans came from england to new england
  • Calvert Lord Baltimore given MD as proprietary colony

  • Roger Williams leaves Puritan Church for RI

    Mad about taxes, is banished so starts religious haven for all.
  • CT founded by John Davenport and Thomas Hooker, 1630s

  • Pequoit War

    First signifigant English vs. Indian Wars.
  • Thomas Hooker made Hartford, CT

    EARLY 1640S.
  • Hutchinson dissents

    early 1640s when second and third gen are
  • Fundamental Orders of CT, Thomas Hooker

    1st consititution in America
  • Period: to

    George Fox's main times.

    I only defer to God. no oath = jail. quaker.
  • Period: to

    Navigation Acts - 1. only English trade, enumerated goods

    more shipbuilding, protected market,
  • Dutch officially leave NY

    Leave huge influence
  • Navigation Acts Passed

  • MA General court example of letting a woman get a divorce

  • Period: to

    Carolinas become proprietary

  • Half-Way covenent

    Enacted by puritans to retain church memberhsip. by 3rd generation engagement way down. so allow people to retain almost full membership if parents had it.
  • Woolman says slavery is wrong

  • Bacons Rebellioin

    Bacon and backcountry farmers mad that British soldiers wont protect them from Indians so they go and ask Jamestown and when they say no the backcountry men attack.
  • King Phillips' War

    Last chance for Indians to kill off colonists, dont manage it. English militia comes together from diff colonies -> first use of "America" and beginnings of unity.
  • Quakers arrive in Chesapeake

  • Dominion of NA

    King James used it to take control of RC NE.
  • William and Mary of Orange control england

  • Pilgrims absorbed by MA Bay Colong

  • Salem Witch Hunt Trials start

    End in 1693 bc MA Bay court refuses to see any more casaes.
  • Protestant majority in MD by now

  • Period: to

    Great Awakening

    huge Christian revival. emotion, spritit, damnation, etc.people can understand bible themselves, dont have to work through a preist. emotionalism. New lights vs. Old lights. cotton mather and JonEdwards.
  • Albany Confrence

    Held by Ben Franklin. 8/13 colonies show up. discuss common issues - econ, backcountry. NOT HATING ENGLAND. plan of union presented buy coloinal assemblies in homes rejected. limited unity
  • War for Empire

    7 years war/french and indian war. FRENCH vs. ENGLISH. Northeast involved vs. indains. led to training of militia, militias coming together, stepping stone for ability to independence.
  • Period: to

    Breakdown of British American relationship

  • Period: to

    French and Indian War

    ohio valley, louisburg, george washington,
  • Period: to

    Brits need $$$$

    leads to all of the acts etc.
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    pontiac creates confederacy to fight english and english take thier land.
  • Royal Proclamation of 1763 - App Mtns=border. Start of Revol.

    appease indians but not enforced at all.
  • Period: to

    Set up to Revolution

  • St Louis founded

  • Sugar Act

    bc england needed $ to pay for french/indian war.
  • Declaratory Act Passed

  • Stamp Act*

  • NYC Stamp Act Congress*

  • Stamp Act Repealed*

    bc brit merchants saw 40 percent drop in trade
  • Townshed Revenue Acts passed*

  • Boston Massacre

    crowd harrasses soldiers, soldiers shoot into crowd. 5 killed, crispus attackus first. Cptn Prescott's comany. didnt know if he called fire.
  • Townshend Acts repealed in Britain

  • Period: to

    Brit soldiers take most of part time jobs

  • Sam Adams Committees of Correspondence

  • Tea Act*

    saves brit east india company from bankrupt
  • Boston Tea Party

  • Coercive Acts aka Intolerable Acts*

    1. closed Boston until tea paid for
    2. reduce MA power, increase royal power
    3. criminals tried in England
    4. Quartering act
    5. Quebec act to organize Canada
  • First Continental Congress*

  • Shot Heard Round the World Lexington Concord

  • Second Continental Congress

    ENDED 1777 bc articles of confed. est.
  • Second Continental Congress

  • Thomas paine published Common Sense

  • Battle for NYC

  • Articles of Confederation est

  • Battle for Saratoga, french support

  • Surrender at Yorktown

  • French ally with the Americans

  • Articles of Confed ratified by all states

  • Treaty of Paris

    1. Britain recognize US indep
    2. MS river = W boundary
    3. Am fishing in canada
    4. americans pay back debt and property
  • Ordinance of 1785

    land too expensive for anyone but rich. led to land act of 1820
  • Annapolis Convention

    only to revise AoC -> Consitituion. not all state showed up.
  • Shays Rebellion

  • Articles of Confedreation die

  • Ratification of the Constitution

  • Period: to

    Washinton Presidency

  • Bastille Day*

    Treaty of Friendship. Pro-france = jeffreps.
  • Judiciary Act

    16 federal courts.
  • Beginning of Fr revolution 1789

  • Land Ordinance of 1789

    Slavery banned in West of AppMtns
  • Hamilton's Fiscal Plan

  • Philadelphia no longer capital

  • Indian Intercourse Act

    only us govt can deal with indians.
    -govt only gets land if they give it up by treaty.
  • Haiti's successful slave revolt

  • Brit merges upper canada and lower canada

  • St. Clair's Defeat to indians

  • VA forces Bill of Rights

  • Invention of Cotton Gin

  • KY admitted as state

  • Neutrality Proclimation

  • Reign of Terror France

  • Whiskey Rebellion

  • Jay's Treaty

    stop Brit search and seizure of ships. unpopular, but neutral.
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    rural farmers make corn. anti federalists dont want to pay whiskey tax. arms vs. us tax collectors.
  • Wayne wins Battle of Fallen Timbers

  • Pickney's Treaty

    Opens NOLA and lower MS river to America from Spain
  • Treaty of Greenvile first use of traty system

  • TN = state

  • Period: to

    Adams Presidency

    Federalist. alien and sedition acts.
  • VA and KY Resolves

  • Alien and Sedition Acts

  • Period: to

    Napoleon Controls France

  • Election of 1800

    Adams accepts the loss to the other party in the first peaceful transition of power in the country
    -Adams vs. ThomJefferson. ThomJeff sees it as rejection of federalism. destroyed federalist party almost.
  • Period: to

    Adams' Lame Duck Period

    end of this was midnight judges. Congress wont listen to a Federalist.
  • John Marshall apptd by Adams

  • Period: to

    Jefferson Presidency

  • Spain closes New Orleans to Am trade

  • Jefferson buys LA Territory

  • Marbury vs. Madison

  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark Expeditiont

  • NonImportation Act of 1806

  • Embargo Act

    am boycott rbit but hurts am more.
  • US-international slave trade ends

  • French Civil Law in LA Territ

  • Congress repeals Embargo Act

  • Period: to

    James Madison presidency

  • Treaty of Ft. Wayne

    actively resisted.
  • Repeal of Embargo Act

  • Macon's Bill #2, 1810

  • First BUS set to exprire

  • WHHarrison vs. Tenskwata @ Tippecanoe

  • Madison declares Wo1812

  • Burning of Washington

  • Am lose to Canada

  • Brit and Indian take Ft Dearborn (Chicago)

  • Am Invade Canada

    Thru 1813. Failed miserably. Wo1812.
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

    afterwards, expansion shot way up to west.
  • Period: to

    Creek War

  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

  • Hartford Convention

    -bc of Federalst and NewEng opposition to Wo1812.
    -when peace with brit came = joke
    Nullification Crisis
  • End of Creek War w/ Treaty of Jackson getting 23 million acres.

  • Treaty of Ghent

    -Ghent Belgium
    -didnt solve issues
    -brit agrees to leaves west, no buffer state for Indians in NW
    -no more risk of american independance.
  • Jackson wins Battle of New Orleans

  • 2nd BUS

  • Tariff of 1816

    first protecive tariff in history
    -amde bc 1815 british flood market after embargo act gone
  • Monroe's Election of 1816

    -start of EoGF
  • Rush_Bagot Treaty

    -US Canda border at 49th. resolve oregon claim. Convention of 1818.
  • Period: to

    Monroe's presidency

  • MO applies to be state

  • North has abolished all slavery

  • Adams-Orin/Transcontinentla treaty

    -got FLA
  • Panic of 1819

  • Period: to

    Missouri Crisis

    -over if slavery should be allowed in the west.
  • Land Act of 1820

    land = 1.25/acre
  • MO Compromise of 1820

    Henry Clay
  • Election of 1820

    Federalists have no candidate-> one party election.
  • Monroe Doctrine Relesaed

  • US all the way to pacific

  • Start of Reconstruction

  • Roosevelt asks for more justices. say no.

  • Blacks can vote

  • 18yos can vote

  • Non-Intercourse Act of 1809