• Sep 6, 1500

    Woolen trade

    Economic depression hit the woolen trade
  • Jan 1, 1530

    Break with Roman Church

    King Henry VIII broke with the roman catholic church in the 1530's launching the English Protestant Reformation.
  • Jan 1, 1558

    Elizateth becomes Queen

    Protestantism became dominant in England.
  • Jan 1, 1570

    English crushed Irish

    In the 1570's-1580's Queen Elizabeth's troops crushed the Irish uprising.
  • Sep 6, 1580

    Francis Drake

    Francis Drake "sea dog" plundered around the world and returned to England in 1580.
  • Sir Humphrey Gilbert

    Died at sea in 1583
  • Lost Colony

    Raleigh Finds Lost Colony
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish Aramada invaded Englad
  • James I

    James I becomes king of England
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace treaty is signed between spain and england
  • Jamsetown

    The English outpost
  • Quebec

    The French out post was Quebec
  • Santa Fe

    The Spanish outpost.
  • Tobacco

    Rolfe perfects tobacco growing
  • New York

    Duke of York-Dutch
  • Anglo-Powhatan

    First Anglo-Powhatan war ends
  • House of burgesses-Slaves

    first africans arrive in Jamestown&virginia house of burgessess est.
  • Plymouth

  • New Hampshire

    John Mason and others
  • Maine

    F. Gorges,
  • Massachusetts

  • Maryland

  • Connecticut

    Mass. Emigrants
  • Rhode Island

    R. Williams
  • New Haven

    Mass. Emigrants
  • Delaware

  • Anglo-Powhatan

    second Anglo-Powhatan war
  • A lot of events

    1) Act of Toleration in maryland
    2) Charles I is beheaded
    3)Cromwell rules England
  • North Carolina

  • Charles II

    Charless the second was restored to the throne of England.
  • Barbados

    Barbados Slave trade was adopted
  • New Jersey

    Berkeley and Carteret
  • Carolina

    Eight Nobles
  • Pennsylvania

    William Penn
  • Slave trade- NC

    Barbados Slave trade was adopted in N. Carolina
  • Tuscarora

    Tuscarora war in North Carolina
  • Carolina's

    N. Carolina splits from S. Carolina
  • South Carolina

    Yamasee War in S. Carolina
  • Georgia

    Oglethorpe and others
  • Slave-Labor

    Large scale slave-labor system established in English West Indies