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    Anthony Hervey

  • The first successful helicopter flight is conducted.

    The first successful helicopter flight is conducted.
  • First functioning prototype electronicdigital computer was created.

  • Transcontinental television transmission is broadcast from the United states.

  • Slinky was made

    Slinky was made
  • In 1947 artificial intelligence was invented

    In 1947 artificial intelligience was invented
  • George Willard Wheland develops basic concept of connection cable to represent chemical structures.

  • Color movies are invented with using regular cameras.

  • Hulahoops became the national craze.

  • RCA demonstrates the first electronic color television tube.

  • First fully functional automatic programmable general computer developed.

  • First 3D movies were invented.

  • Early Computers were as big as aroom.

  • Use of silicon led to the development of microphips.

  • Jets went two times faster than propeller planes.

  • First use of geothermal power begins.

  • Meter is re designed according to wavelength.

  • Solar system is estimated to be about 4.95 billion years old.

  • Thermoplatsic tape is introduced.

  • Bathtscaphe plunges to the deepest part of the pacific ocean.

  • USS George Washington was launched.

  • Reflecting telescopes are completed

  • The first Jumbo jet is put into commercial service.

  • Floppy disk is introduced.

  • Water quality improvement act is signed.

  • Apollo 13 is launched.

  • Earth day is celebrated throughout the world.

  • Disease fighting protein is created.

  • Binary star system was discovered.

  • Life on Earth is 3.5 billion years old.

  • Mount St. Helen Erupts.

  • 170 Adirondack lakes los efish because of acid rain.

  • Gallons of Radioactive water was released in Florida.

  • Hubble space telescope goes into action.

  • Microsoft releases version 3.0.

  • First gene therapy is conducted.

  • Human genome project begins mapping out all genes on there retrospective chromosomes.

  • Linus Torvalds writes code of conduct.

  • Bilateral agreement is signed.

  • Voyager 1 spacecraft entered the heliosheath.

  • Windows XP and microsoft 2003 become popular.

  • Video game sales pass movie sales.

  • Pluto is demoted to a dwarf planet.

  • Water ice on moon is discovered

  • MySpace, Twitter, and facebook become popular.