Anne Frank By Abby Wells

  • The Birth Of Anne Frank

    The Birth Of Anne Frank
    Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929. She was Edith and Otto Frank's kid. She was their second child. Her full name was Anneliese Marie Frank.
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    Anne Frank

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    Otto Frank

    Anne adored her father. She was closest to him in hiding. Her father would help protect her diary when some of the other Jews with them wanted to burn it because they said if it was ever retrieved by the Nazi's, then it would give away their "helpers" names. He would put it in his briefcase and keep it there for her.
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    Margot Frank

    Anne looked up to Morgot. She went to the concentration camp with her. When Margot died it was said that Anne sensed her death even though she was never told of it.
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    Edith Frank

    Anne didn't really try to be with her mother. In hiding, she was slowly becoming less attached to her. Though in the camp, her mom gave Anne her food and that brought them closer.
  • Hitler's Upcoming

    Hitler's Upcoming
    In 1933 hitler was appointed Chancellor. In that year he was also given dictorial powers. The Nazi's were now the largest group in Germany. This is when the discrimination of Jews began.
  • Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor

    Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor
    The first attack was at 7:52 a.m. Yhe second wave of bombers was at 8:55 a.m, All of it was over at 9;55 a.m. By 1:00 p.m. the carriers that launched the planes were heading back to Japan.
  • Going Into Hiding

    Going Into Hiding
    Anne and her family went into hiding on July 5, 1942. They were living at 263 Prinsengracht. They had to wear many peices of clothing through the street because Jews carrying suitcases would be suspicious.
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    In Hiding For Over 2 Years

    They were not noticed in the Annex for over 2 years. The Nazi's found them by somebody in the building telling them that there were Jews in the building. One of their "helpers" was forced to open the door. There they saw Mrs. Frank and Anne standing.
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    Working In A Concentration Camp

    After everybody was caught, Anne an the woman were brought to Auschwitz. Then a month later Anne, Morgot and Mrs. Van Daan were transfered to Bergemn-Belsen.There Anne reunited with her bestfriend Lies Goosens.
  • Franklin Roosevelt Wins His 4th Election

    Franklin Roosevelt Wins His 4th Election
    Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to serve 4 terms. He had Polio during his presidential years. He died April 12, 1945 at age 63 in his 4th term.
  • Dying In Bergen-Belsen

    Dying In Bergen-Belsen
    Anne dies at the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. She caught Typhus, which is caused by lice. They didnt give thge jews any medicen so she died. Margot also died a couple days before Anne of Typhus too. Their bodies were thrown into a mass grave.
  • Annes Diary Gets Published

    Annes Diary Gets Published
    Annes diary was published into 67 different languages. Its has sold about 31 million copies. Her dad, Otto Frank publised it. Miep was the one who retrieved it before the Nazi's came back to get their belongings.