Andres Garza Gandhi Time Line

  • East India Company

    The British Government nationalized the company in India
  • India Takes Over

    Indians took over the East India Company in August of 1858
  • Indian Congress Party

    Indian Congress Party
    The Indian Congress Party got founded in 1885 with the goal of givin the educated indians more power and more opinion freedom in the government
  • First Time He Gets Discriminated

    First Time He Gets Discriminated
    In 1893, Gandhi was thrown of a train because of being from India, even though he had bought and traveled all of his life before in first class. He was first asked to go to third class, but since he refused, he got kicked out of the train.
  • First Speech

    Gandhi gave out his first speech stating how he disagrees with the permissions (passaports) they had to take everywhere. After the government found out about this, they changed the law so that even inside your house, you had to have yours near you.
  • All-Indian Muslim League is Formed

    In Decemer 1906, the all-muslim league is created to fight against the british to gain their own freedom
  • WWI Is Over

    WWI Is Over
    After World War 1 was over in November 1918, Indian troops that had survived came back to India, and all though they were promissed a lot of things they never got paid anything.
  • Amritsar Massacre

    Amritsar Massacre
    In April 13, 1919, the British government together with Indian soldiers shot down indians who were Gandhi followers in a sort of meeting. About 1000 people got killed that day, including kids and women, not just men.
  • Rowlatt Act

    In 1919, the British government in India created a rule that any indian who would protest against them would be sent to jail withought the right of getting a trial.
  • Arresting Protesters

    In 1920, the British government arrested many indians because of protesting against them.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    In 1930, Gandhi decided to make a march of over 390 Km to the sea shore to make salt. This was to stop the British from trying to sell them salt since they could make it them selves. This was also so that the British economy would change a lot because salt was sold a lot to India.
  • Death

    In 1948, Gandhi was shot dead in a worship time where both muslims, and hindus gathered to pray together.