Ancient Egypt

  • 100

    King Menes

    King Menes united the many villages and towns of upper and lower Egypt. 3100 BC
  • 500

    Old Kingdom

    The Old KIngdom starts this was a time of powerful leafership and a united state in Egypt. 2700 BC
  • Jan 1, 660

    Building the Pyramids

    The building of the pyraminds began under the reign of King Khufu at Giza. 2540 BC
  • Jan 1, 1020

    First Intermediate Period

    The first intermediate period begins it lasted nearly 150 years without a central leader. 2180 BC
  • Jan 1, 1145

    Middle KIngdom

    The Middle Kingdom beganthis was considered a golden age. They were stable and expanded into Africa and some of Western Asia. 2055 BC
  • New Kingdom

    The New Kingdom began because of their military dominance Egypt became the most powerful empire in Southwest Asia. 1550 BC
  • Akhenaten takes over

    Akhenaten(Amenhotep IV) takes over and establishes a montheistic cult. This new religion causes many disputes. 1364 BC
  • Tutankamen takes the throne

    Tutankamen takes over after Akhenaten and restores the beliefs of thwe old gods. 1347 BC
  • Ramses II takes control

    Ramses II took over the throne he led a surge to regain land in Africa and Western Asia. 1279 BC
  • Post-Empire Egypt

    The post-empire Egypt begins. 1070BC