Ana Sanchez (Susan B. Anthony)

By anas
  • Susan B. Anthony was born

  • Period: to

    Susan B Anthony

  • Susans first paid position

    Susan B. Anthony took the position of head of the girls' department at Canajoharie Academy, which was her first paid position.
    (not exact date)
  • Susan goes in to temperance movement

    1849 Susan began to take part in conventions and gatherings related to the temperance movement.
    (not exact date)
  • Susan joines the women's right movement.

    Susan joined the women's rights movement.
    (date not exact)
  • Susan publishes "The Revolution"

    Anthony begins publication of The Revolution weekly journal and forms Working Women's Associations for women in the publishing and garment trades.
    (date not exact)
  • introduction of the 19 amendment

    susan B Anthony and elizabeth candy Stanton drafted the amendment and first introduced it.
  • susan prersuaded the university of Rochester to admits women.

    Anthony persuaded the University of Rochester to admit women.
    (date not exact)
  • Susan meets President Theodore Roosevelt

    Anthony meets with President Theodore Roosevelt in Washington, D.C., about submitting a suffrage amendment to Congress.
    (date not exact)
  • susan dies

    Susan B. Anthony dies in her home on Madison Street in Rochester on March 13.
  • 19 amendmen

    After her death the all American adult women finally got the vote with the Nineteenth Amendment, also known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment,