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An Educational Forecast for 2020

  • Blended Learning is Prevalent

    Classroom teachers as well as educational businesses offer online blended learning as a tool for students.
  • Period: to

    2012 to 2020 in public schools

  • One to One Programs personalize learning

    Students will use various technologies to learn, to share, and to document their learning.
  • Parents Insist on a Technology Based Curriculum Programs

    Parents use technology in their jobs daily, and recognize the importance of incorporating new tools to provide their child with the tools for success.
  • A Majority of Teachers Embrace Technology

    Teachers have become more familiar with technology through professinal development, and instructional programs are undergoing major changes.
  • Higher Education sees Major Changes

    As technology savvy students enter higher ed and demand new ways to learn; universities and colleges struggle with how to implement instructional changes.
  • Personalized School Day

    Personalized School Day
    Students will learn online and face to face with teacher facilitators, based on their individualized needs and progress.
  • School Buildings become Social and Learning Centers

    Cities work with schools to combine limited resources and utilize space at schools for learners of all ages. Child care and social services provide additional assistance to parents. Cameras allow parents to view learning experiences.
  • Teachers as Independent Contractors

    Teachers as Independent Contractors
    Teachers will be independent contractors who are hired by schools based on:
    (1) Their Education (Professional Learning)
    (2) Their past Experience (Courses and Students Facilitated)
    (3) Their Professional Sucess (with Students, Parents, & cClleagues