Amerigo Vespucci

  • Mar 9, 1451

    Amergo was born today

  • Period: Mar 9, 1451 to Feb 22, 1512

    Amerigos life

  • Dec 4, 1478

    Working in Paris

    •1478: Vespucci started working with Guido Antonio Vespucci at the embassy in Paris. Guido was his relative, and an ambassador of Florence to King Louis XI of France
  • Dec 4, 1483

    Vespucci as a steward

    •1483: Vespucci was appointed as a steward in the mansion of Lorenzo de Medici, an Italian statesman and the then ruler of Florence.
  • Dec 4, 1491

    Introduced to voyages

    •1491: He was sent to Seville, Spain to work for de Medici family. It was here that he was introduced to the world of voyages and exploration.
  • Oct 15, 1498

    Amerigo set sail on his first voyage

    •1497: He set out on his maiden voyage on 10th May, 1497, after he was granted permission by King Ferdinand of Spain, to undertake the voyage of discovery. Though, not much of information about this voyage is known, it is said that he reached the coast of America which was back then assumed to be Asia. Vespucci returned to Spain on 15th October, 1498.
  • May 16, 1499

    He goes on his second voyage

    •1499: On 16th May, 1499, Amerigo Vespucci embarked on his second voyage from Cape Verde. He was accompanied by Alonzo de Ojeda as the fleet commander. During this voyage they ventured south, beyond the equator to the present day Guyana and discovered St. Augustine and the Amazon river.
  • Period: Oct 4, 1499 to Dec 4, 1502

    His first expedition

  • Dec 4, 1500

    he returned frrom his second voyage

    •1500: Vespucci returned from his second voyage in September 1500, and submitted his accounts to the de Medici family.
  • Feb 22, 1512

    He died

    •1512: Amerigo Vespucci died on 22nd February, 1512, in Seville, Spain, after contracting malaria.