american mexican war-brendan kelly

By MsOlson
  • Period: to

    mexican american war

  • America annexes texas

  • Presedent Polk talks of expanding the borders of the United States

  • The United States ambasitor to mexico requests pasport and returns to mexico

  • Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna is exiled to cuba

  • Texas accepts the United States as there annexer

  • Presedent Polk orders for his generals near Mexico to biuld an army

  • Mexico still thinks of Texas as part of Mexico

  • Polk sends John Siddell to mexico

  • Polk begins to build a case of reasons to invade Mexico

  • American soldures cross the Mexican border

  • polk asks congress to declare war on Mexico

  • Battle of Palo Alto causes the Americans to push the Mexicans over the Rio Grande

  • Anti war sedement in california

  • Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna retruns from exile to lead Mexico again

  • American soldures capture Monterray in Mexico

  • American soldures capture Satillo

  • Americans defete Mexicans in the battle of san pascale