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American History 1

  • 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus who sailed 1492. He conquer for Spain for search in gold because more gold the more power. He is credited with discovering AMERICA.
  • 1492

    The Columbian Exchange

    Began after Columbus discovery and it impact the social cultural make up of both side of Atlantic.
  • 1519

    Hernando Cortex

    He was a Conquistador(conqueror). He claim colonies for Spain and conquered the Aztecs Empire.
  • 1532

    Francisco Pizzaro

    He sailed in 1532 and claim new colonies for Spain and conquered the Inca Empire in Peru.
  • 1565

    Spanish Settlement in the American

    No self government. Conquer the native american and established NEW SPAIN. land divided to states call encomiendas. Spanish settler and native american intermarried, creating a mixed race called mestizos.
  • English settlement in American

    Roanoke-1st attempt at English settlement- THE LOST COLONY.
    captain was John White who sailed back to England for supplies.
    Virginia Dare-first baby born in american to English parent. The word CROATOAN was craved into a tree. Historian believed the colonist either starved, attacked by the native american, or join with a native american tribe.
  • French settlement in the Americans

    Samuel de Champlain. New France-along the St.Lawrence River and the great lakes. Quebec,Montreal-Canada. Detroit (Michigan), New Orleans.
  • Dutch Settlement in America

    Obtain by bringing 50 tenants to the colony. Few restriction on who could settle in new Amsterdam.
  • Native American Resistance

    Pequot War -In 1637, Pequot were virtually wiped put by the English
  • Boston Massacre

    When the british fired into a crowd and killed many.
  • The Declaration of Independence

    When the america was declaring independence
  • George Washington

    The first president of USA
  • The end of The american Revolution War

    When the American Won the war against britain.
  • Judiciary Act

    No details for a court system in the Constitution
    Federal law remained the “Supreme Law of the Land”
  • Bills of Right

    The first 10th Amendment
  • Amendments 11-27

    Amendments added to the Constitution between 1795 and 1992 to protect the rights of citizens in the United States
  • Election of 1796

    John Adam become 2nd president
  • Election of 1800

    Jefferson won as the third president of the united state.
  • War of 1812

    US and Britain returned land boundaries to where they were before the war
    US won respect from other nations
    US nationalism grew stronger
    Federalist Party lost its credibility and disbanded
    US manufacturing grew due to a lack of British manufactured goods
    US became more self sufficient
    Native American resistance declines
  • Election of 1812

    James Madison recelect
  • James Monroe

    Become the 5th president of the united state
  • Gibbons v Ogden

    Supreme Court (John Marshall) ruled that only Congress had the power to regulate interstate commerce and foreign trade
  • Election of 1828

    Andre Jackson become elected as president
  • Indian Removal Act

    Congress passed the Indian Removal Act - authorized the removal of Native Americans from the SE United States
  • Worcester V Georgia

    The Cherokee appealed to the US Supreme Court
    Court ruled that the Cherokee had a right to remain on their land and could not be forcibly removed
  • Trails of Tears

    Troops sent to round up Cherokee and move them to Oklahoma
    800 mile march in 1835
  • Election of 1836

    Martin Van Buren get elected as president
  • The National Road

    It was completed and it was stretch 800 miles to the west
  • Election of 1848

    Zachary Taylor become president
  • Samuel F.B. Morse - Telegraph

    Telegraph - device that sends messages using electricity through wires-Instant communication
    Communication is revolutionized-whole different way of sending msgs
  • Mexican War

    Mexico upset over US annexation of Texas
    Polk sent troops to Texas border to settle US-Mexico border dispute and to negotiate the purchase of California and New Mexico
  • Wilmot Proviso

    Proposed banning slavery from any land purchased from Mexico
    Upset the Southern states
    Not approved
  • Women right movement

    Stanton call for women to get their right
  • California Gold Rush

    California enters the union as a free state due to the Compromise of 1850
    Gold was discovered in California in 1848
  • compromise of 1850

    With the acquisition of the Mexican territory, the extension of slavery once again becomes an issue
    Henry Clay offers a compromise to maintain balance between the free and slave states
  • Death of president Taylor

    July 9, 1850 – President Zachary Taylor died of cholera
    VP Millard Fillmore became President
  • Homestead Act and Morrill Land Grant Act

    1862 - Anyone who would agree to cultivate 160 acres of land for 5 years would receive title to that land from the federal government
    States used money from sale of land to finance agricultural colleges
  • Oklahoma Land Rush

    People given land in Oklahoma to encourage settlement
    Settlers came rushing from all around to claim land
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    The day i was born.