American Civil Rights

  • Constitution of Vermont

    first nation to abolish slavery in their constitution and the first then U.S state to abolish slavery.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    fugitive slaves must be returned to their owner
  • The North Star

    Fredrick Douglasss published his anti-slavery newspaper, "The North Star"
  • 15th Amendment

    prohibits gov from denying right to vote based on colour or previous slavery.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is published, causing controversy.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    supreme court ruled that African Americans are not citizens, thus not protected by constitution. Scott is sued for his freedom.
  • First African American woman to recieve M.D degree

    Rebbecca Lee
  • 13th Amendment

    abolished slavery
  • Civil Rights Act

    federal law declaring that anyone born in U.S is a citizen and has legal rights and can own property, without regard to colour/race/religion.
  • KKK

    founded in the south
  • Segregation made legal in south

  • Plessy v Ferguson

    supreme court rules that "seperate but equal" educational facilities are constutional.
  • NAACP is founded

    National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People.
  • UNIA is founded by Marcus Garvey

    Universal Negro Improvement Association
  • The Birth of a Nation

    A film about the civil war which glorified the KKK and revived their numbers after its release
  • Native Americans Citizens

    Was decided after an Indian had fought for the U.S in 3 wars.
  • Indian Reorganisation Act

    Protects them from loss of lands, provides funds for economic development.
  • NCAI created

    National Congress of American Indians
  • Jackie Robinson first African American in Major League

  • School segregation outlawed

    "seperate but equal" does not apply.
  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up seat on bus

  • SCLC is founded

    Southern Christian Leadership Conference, African American civil rights organisation.
  • NIYC is founded

    National Indian Youth Council
  • First African American to enrol at Mississippi Uni

    James Meredith. 5,000 federal troops are sent in.
  • Equal Pay Act

    abolishing wage disparity based on sex
  • MLK's I have a dream speech

  • MLK's I have a dream speech

  • Freedom Riders

    Activists ride buses into segregated southern states to test anti-segregation laws, attacked by angry mobs which prove the laws ineffective.
  • Civil Rights Act by Kennedy is passed

  • 3 bodies found

    They were civil rights activists, 1 black, 2 white. The true story that Mississippi Burning is based upon.
  • MLK wins Nobel Peace Prize

  • Malcom X assassinated

    he was murdered by 3 members of the Nation of Islam less than a year after he left the organisation.
  • Black Panther Party is founded

    a militant, black power, revolutionary leftist organisation
  • Thurgood Marshall first African American appointed to Supreme Court

  • MLK assassinated

    James Earl Kay convicted.
  • AIM created

    believed only way to readdress historical grievances was through direct militant confrontation with gov. like black panthers.
  • Abortion legalised in all U.S states

  • Bicentennial project

    South Carolina's Blacks and Native Americans Bicentennial project, published findings exploring their communities issues in a book.
  • The Longest Walk

    From San Fran, they set out to Washington, DC to symbolise the Indians forced removal from their native lands.