America Becomes a World Power

  • Expansionism/Imperialism

    the US wanted to expand their influence and power over other countries in the latter half of the 19th century. This is the basis of expansionism and imperialism
  • Alfred Thayer Mahan

    Alfred Thayer Mahan
    Alfred T. Mahan was a US Navy flag officer. He's most known for his book "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783".
  • Sanford B. Dole

    Sanford B. Dole
    The first president of Hawaii who helped overthrow the Hawaiian Monarchy
  • The Spanish American War

    The Spanish American War
    A conflict between Spain and America for various reasons, such as the sinking of the U.S.S Maine and America's support of support of Cuban independence.
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    The Panama Canal was built because it cut the time it took a trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic down to 22 days instead of 67. This made trade and good shipments much more efficient. In turn this also created cultural exchange.
  • Causes of WW1

    Causes of WW1
    The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the main cause, but other causes included hidden alliances, expansionism and nationalism.
  • Alvin York

    Alvin York
    A very decorated soldier of WW1 who led an attack on a German machine gun nest that killed at least 25 German soldiers and captured 132 prisoners.
  • Reasons for US entry into WW1

    Reasons for US entry into WW1
    the sinking of the Lusitania, the invasion of Belgium, and Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare were all major causes, but what finally tipped the scale was the Zimmermann Telegram.
  • General John J. Pershing

    General John J. Pershing
    A commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in WW1 who helped defeat the central powers in 1918