America 19thC

  • Louisiana Purchase

  • Lewis and Clark expedition west (began)

  • Lewis and Clark expedition west (finish)

  • Abolition of the slave trade

  • Tecumseh's Confederacy Resistance (began)

  • War with Britain (began)

  • Tecumseh killed- Confederacy collapses

    Fighting for British at Battle of Thames
  • War with Britain (end)

  • First Seminole War (began)

  • First Seminole War (end)

  • Florida ceded to Union

  • Missouri Compromise

  • Indian Removal Act

    Native Americans in sout-east removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
  • Texan Revolution

  • Polk elected President

  • Mexican War (began)

  • Wilmot Proviso

    Failed ammendment to bill for Mexican War- no Mexican lands allowed slavery
  • Calhoun Doctrine

    Calhoun establishes southern doctrine: right of all citizens to travel in territories with all property- including slaves
  • Mexican War (end)

    Treaty of Guadelope-Hidalgo cedes California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and part of Colorado from Mexico. Forces Mexico to accept Texan borders extended to Rio Grande.
  • First Gold Rush in California

  • 1850 Compromise

    Accepts California as a free state, federal government takes on Texan debt, stronger fugitive slave law, territory disputed by Texas and New Mexico surrendered to New Mexico, abolition of slave trade (not slavery) in DC, remainder of Mexican Cession formed into New Mexico and Utah: open to Popular sovereignty.
    Passed in small parts through political skill, not general agreement.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin published

  • Pierce elected President

  • Gadsen Pruchase

    Allowed route for southern trans-continental railroad
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Heightens sectionalism
  • Republican and 'Know Nothing' parties emgerged

  • 'Bleeding Kansas' crisis (began)

  • 'Bleeding Kansas' (end)

  • Buchanan elected President

  • Dred Scott case

  • 'Panic of 1857'

  • Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Illinois

  • Comstock silver lode, Nevada

  • John Brown's Raid

  • Pony Express

  • Lincoln elected President

  • South Carolina secedes

  • Deep south secedes- Confederacy established

  • Conflict at Fort Sumter

  • Upper south secedes

  • Homestead Act

  • Lincoln Re-elected President

  • Lee surrenders at Appomattox

  • Lincoln Assassinated

  • Indian Peace Comission establishes Reservationism

  • Trans-continental railroad completed

    at Promontary, Utah
  • Battle of Little Big Horn

  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    Indian Wars ended
  • Turner Thesis