All The Broken Pieces Vishal Lavani

  • Exposition 1

    Exposition 1
    Matt came to Amarica from vitnam.
  • Exposition 2

    Exposition 2
    Matt is living in the united states and goes to his first baseball parctice for the team.
  • Expositition 3

    His dad and his mom take matt to a baseball game to see how they play and stuff.
  • Rising actions 1 Conflict

    When matt is in amarica he goes to another practise and matt is struggaling to play baseball.
  • Rising Action 2

    Matt practises with his freinds and does a little better.
  • Rising Action 5

    Matt wins his first baseball game.
  • Rising Action 4

    Matt went to his first baseball game after all the practises were dine
  • rising Action 3

  • Rising Action 6

    Matt had to go to high school to continue for baseball games.
  • Rising Action 7

    Coach goes to veitnam to visit.
  • rising action 8

    The caoch is stuck in veitnam when the game is tommorrow.
  • Falling Action 1

    When the coach is not there at the game they have to forfit the game because coach is not there.
  • Climax

    The coach is still stuck in veitnam because the veitnam war is going on and they can not get a flight back for the game.
  • Falling Action 2

    There was lots of bomings and smoke because the usa was bombing veitnam and there was to much smoke for the plains to go.
  • Falling Action 3

    the boming in veitnam got even worse and there was no transportation to USA.
  • Falling Action 4

    There was no more ways to come back to amarica and there was another game and they cant play it.
  • Falling Action 5

    They had a baseball game going on.
  • Resolution 2

    They were doing good in the base ball game.
  • Resoulution 1

    Mr Chamber the assitant coach choached for the next baseball game.
  • Resolution 4

    They won there first baseball game when Mr chambers assisted there game. then the Coach came back and awarded the team