All the broken peices

  • Exposition 1- backround

    His father and Jeff work in a hospital and Jeff was a medic in Vietnam
  • Exposition 2- setting

    Exposition 2- setting
    Matt came to America from Vietnam
  • Exposition 3- characters

    Exposition 3- characters
    Jeff is a Vietnam Veteran that lives with Matt and his family, which include Matt his mom is dad and his little brother Tommy
  • Rising Action-

    Rising Action-
    Bill Alden picks on matt- He says “hey frog face where’d you learn to play baseball in a rice patty?” This shows Billy is going to be a problem later in the story.
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    Conflict Matt goes to baseball practice- Him and his dad talk about how Matt should try out for baseball. Coach Robinson warms them up, and then he takes notes and games.
  • Rising Action 2

    Matt makes the team. he’s with 3 seventh graders and over 5 sixth graders.
  • Rising action 4

    Matt eavesdrops- He hears his parents talk about some thing suspicious the thinks there talking about sending him away.
  • Rising action 5

    Rising action 5
    Matts dad takes him to VV. VV's every thursday at the community were vietnam veterens meet up.
  • Rising action 6

    Matt meets chris at VV. Chris is a very wounded Veteran meet up.
  • Rising action 7

    Rising action 7
    They take coach robinson out to dinner because he hasnt been coaching for a while due to illness
  • Climax

    Coach robinson has cancer. He gave a speech about it at dinner and now has a replacement coach,
  • Falling action

    Falling action
    coachrobinson elected chris (coach williams) to be a replacement coach
  • falling action 2

    falling action 2
    matt is teamed up with matt at practice with coach williams to do an exercise were they have to find different objects around the feild.
  • falling action 3

    Matt reflects on vietnam and Rob said "I hate you, my brother died because of you."
  • falling action 5

    falling action 5
    Matts dad picks matt up from practice. The car ride is akward. Matts dad changes the station and looks at matt, not singing along to the music for once.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    The team visits coach robinson in the hospital. They give him a baseball with the whole team signed on.
  • Resolution 3

    Matt and Rob are friends and Coach Robinson has recovered. And matt believes he will find his other brother on day, The story resolves.