Alece's path through music technology

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  • Fisher Price Record Player

    Fisher Price Record Player
    The teeth on the plastic record plinked the right notes.
  • Family Music

    Family Music
    The whole family could jam out together.
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    Mobile records. Now your not stuck in the living room. Take them with you on the go.
  • Radio and Record come together

    Radio and Record come together
    Your FM/AM radio in the same place as your FM/AM radio.
  • 8- Tracks

    8- Tracks
    I really don't remember using these but I know they were popular before small tapes.

    Tapes. Music is much more portable now but be careful with that tape You can also record your own audio.
  • Sony Walkman

    Sony Walkman
    The ultimate sign of cool. Music on the go! Got one for my 15 birthday! I loved making my own tape mixes that I would record from off the radio.
  • CD

    Music on CD. No more worry about the tape getting eaten. These portable players were not idea for music on the go. Trying jogging with one of these babies.
  • Tape Recorder

    Tape Recorder
    This is my kids first music playing machine. Hours of fun recording their own music!
  • CD Changer

    CD Changer
    Gave up a good amount of trunk space for this baby but being able to change between 9 CD in the car - so worth it.
  • Ipod

    And just like that - goodbye tapes, records and discs.
  • My Music Today

    My Music Today
    All of my music today is on my phone where I can add to, play and share anytime, anyplace.