Alcatraz 2021

Alcatraz History Timeline

  • Juan Manuel mapped and named rugged Alcatraz Island

    Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala mapped and maned rugged Alcatraz Island
  • U.S. gained control of the Island from Mexico

    The United States government gained control of the island from Mexico in 1849.
  • President signed an order reserving the island for military use.

    President Millard Fillmore signed an order reserving he island for military use.
  • first military prisoners

    the first military prisoners were being housed on the island.
  • designed the pacific branch of the U.S. Military Prison

    it was named the Pacific Branch of the U.S. Military Prison.
  • New complex was finished

    When this new complex was finished in 1912 it was the world's largest reinforced concrete building.
  • U.S. Army leaved Alcatraz

    Army relinquished Alcatraz to the U.S. Justice Department.
  • Al Capone came to the Alcatraz

    Al Capone did spent four and a half years on Alcaraz.
  • Start using to Federal Prison

    Existing complex at Alcatraz more secure, the maximum-security facility officially opened
  • Period: to

    Famous escape attempt resulted in a battle

    six prisoners overpowered cell house officers and were able to gain access to weapons, but not the keys needed to leave the prison.
  • Only successful escape

    Frank Morris and other 2 man success to escape Alcatraz, but we didn't know that they dies in ocean or they alive
  • Shutdown

    Because of cost, Federal prison was closed
  • Native Americans arrived on Alcatraz

    A group of Native Americans led by Nohawk activist Richard Oaked arrived on Alcatraz
  • Oakes left Alcatraz

    Oakes left Alcatraz, because of death of his stepdaughter in 1970
  • Native Americans remove from the Alcatraz

    Native Americans were removed by order of President Richard M. Nixon.
  • became part of Golden gate national recreation area

    The Island became part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
  • Opened to the public

    Opened to the public.