Adolf Hitler

By adolf
  • D.O.B

    Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. His dad was a German customs clerk, and his mother was a peasant from Austria ( "Adolf Hitler" abc-clio).
  • Education

    After his mother dies, Hitler begins to struggle in Acedemics.
    "Hitler never advanced over a secondary education" ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Military rejection

    Over a year period he moves to Munich. He tries to join military, but is rejected because he is to litttle ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Awarded for bravery

    Awarded for bravery
    He was awarded the Iron cross second class in Dec, 1914
    Then the Iron cross first class in Aug, 1918 ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Messager

    Volunteers for army messenger and was wounded by gas in 1916 ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Political work

    Hitler began taking up polictical work as a army polictical agent. This was the begining of his popularity growth ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • In charge

    He was put in charge of the political parties properganda and renamed it "Nazi" ( "Hitler, Adolf").
  • total power

    He gained unlimited power within the "Nazi" group.
  • Jail time

    Jail time
    He was placed on trial for treason and takes advantage of the publicity given to him. He was sentenced to 5 years but only served 9 months ( "Hitler, Adolf").
  • The plan unfolds

    From 1933-1939 hitler's purpose was to expel the jews from the greater German Reich. In 1941 it changed from expulsion to extermination ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Greatest "stroke"

    Greatest stroke came when he used the excuse of a pact between France and the Soviet Union to march into the demilitarized Rhineland a decision that he took against the advice of many generals ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Death attempts

    Colonel Claus tried to assassinate hitler by exploding a bomb in hitlers headquarters, hitler escapes with superfical injuries ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • hitler married

    hitler married
    Hitler married Eva Braun on the 28 of april near midnight ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Hitlers Death

    While hitlers bunker was about to be attacked. hitler made the hard disicion to put a gun to his head! His remains were burned ("Hitler, Adolf").
  • Symbol #1

    Symbol #1
    We chose a Rhinocerous for our symbol because it is aggressive and fights for what it wants. It is very headstrong and will attack if it feels threatened. An Online Guide To Dream Interpretation. Web. 8 Dec. 2011.
  • symbol #2

    symbol #2
    we chose the color red for hitler because it shows boldness its there to make a piont.Red is also a very emotionally pact color. this color aslo shows the pssion hitler had for prperganda!"Red." University of Michigan. Web. 8 Dec. 2011.