My Life Timeline

By gerita
  • African Event 1

    African Event 1
    Nigerian Fourth Republic is established, thus terminating military rule in Nigeria
  • Period: to


  • European Event 1

    European Event 1
    Vladimir Putin becomes Prime Minister of Russia, putting him into position to later become president of Russia.
  • European Event 2

    European Event 2
    Switzerland signs and ratifies the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, making it the 47 country to do so.
  • Social Event 1

    Social Event 1
    United Nations declares world population has doubled since 1959, making the population 6 billion.
  • Political Event 1

    Political Event 1
    Australians vote to keep Queen Elizabeth 2 as head of state, Australia remains a british based country.
  • Asia Event 1

    Asia Event 1
    Shenzou One is launched into space, the Peoples Republic of China's first space craft.
  • US Event 1

    US Event 1
    Ahmed Ressam enters Washington from Canada and is arrested for having bombs. It is later found tht he was planning to bomb LA airport. Nervous LA officials cancel new year events.
  • Asia Event 2

    Asia Event 2
    Macua, Portugal, is given to the Peoples Republic of China.
  • Art Event 1

    Art Event 1
    George Harrison, a fomer Beatles member, is stabbed 29 times, survives but is rarely seen in public afterwards.
  • European Events 3

    European Events 3
    Russian president Yeltsin resgins, making Vladimir Putin "Acting President".
  • US Event 2

    US Event 2
    United States hand administration of Panama Canl over to Panama, fufilling the 1977 Torrijos-Carter Treaty.
  • Technology Event 1

    Technology Event 1
    Y2K bug fails to happen, computers and technology continue to function as normal.
  • Economic Event 1

    Economic Event 1
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling published, becomes the fastest selling book ever.
  • Technology Event 2

    Technology Event 2
    2 Russian astronauts and 1 American astronaut arrive at the International Space Station, first to do so.
  • Pollitical Event 2

    Pollitical Event 2
    Geroge W. Bush is elected president of the United States, the second president to be the sone of a previous president.
  • Social Event 2

    Social Event 2
    Wikipedia is created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, a website that in 2009 has over 3 million articles.
  • Social Event 3

    Social Event 3
    The World Trade Centers and Pentagon in the US are bombed, over 3000 deaths that affect and bring attention from people all over the world.
  • Africa Event 2

    Africa Event 2
    Invasion of Afghanistan, the War on Terro beigns.
  • European Event 4

    European Event 4
    The Euro is introduced as the new currency for 12 countries in the Euro zone, inculding France and Germany, allowing for easier methods of payment between the countries.
  • Art Event 2

    Art Event 2
    Halle Berry wins the Best Actress Oscar for her role in Monster Ball, became the first African American woman to win that Oscar to date,
  • Economic Event 2

    Economic Event 2
    Prestife oil tanker spills off of the coast of Spain, is known as the worlds worst oil spill.
  • Asia Event 3

    Asia Event 3
    Cases of the Disease SARS first apear in Hong Kong, but soon spreads out into the world.
  • Political Event 3

    Political Event 3
    Despite world wide political demonstrations, the Iraq war begins.
  • Social Event 4

    Social Event 4
    Second Life is launched by the internet company Lindon Lab, and has 640000 users by 2009.
  • European Events 5

    European Events 5
    Major heatwave hits Europe, over 3000 heat related deaths occur.
  • Social Events 5

    Social Events 5
    Facebook is founded by Mark Zuckerberg, the site now has over 300 million active users.
  • Pollitical Event 4

    Pollitical Event 4
    Coordinate bombing kill 199 people in Madrid, 3 days before Spain's general elections.
  • Asia Event 4

    Asia Event 4
    Earthquake off the coast of Somalsa causes a tsunami in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and other countries in the surrounding area.
  • Pollitical Event 5

    Pollitical Event 5
    George W. Bush is elected for second term as President of the United States.
  • Asia Event 5

    Asia Event 5
    Japan elects a Democratic Party, eding 50 years of of pro US Liberal Democratic Party.