Acient Greece

  • Period: 377 to


    Hippocrates was the first docter to say that medical illnesses and disedses had nothing to do with religion
  • 400

    Acient Greece BC

    The height of the Greek civilisation
  • 447

    Parthenon BC

    Parthon was started to be built
  • 474

    Parthenon BC

    The parthon was fineshed
  • 500

    Acient Greece

    Greece was the first country to have a democracy system of goverment,
  • Jan 1, 776

    Olympic Games BC

    Was held in Olympia in the city-state of Elis. Held every four years to houner the god Zeus
  • Period: Jan 1, 1184 to Jan 1, 1194

    Trojan War BC

    The trojan war began when a goddess found out she was not invited to a weddong. She goot angry and threw an apple at the guests
  • Parthenon AD

    It was destroyed when the turks overthron the Greeks and the turks keept gun powder in it.
  • Alexander The Great BC

    Alexander the great became king after his dad after his father king of Macedonia, was assassinated
  • Acient Greece BC

    Honer's Life
    He was a poet to describe the trojen war
  • Acient Greece BC

    1100 - 3000 the Greeks disappeared