Abnormal Psych History Timeline

Timeline created by brichardson
  • 387

    Plato-387 B.C.

    Plato suggests the brain is in charge of Mental Processes.
    This was a time of reason and learning.
  • Philippe Pinel

    Philippe Pinel released the 1st mental patients from confinement in the 1st massive movement for more humane treatment of the mentally ill.
    The French Revolution was taking place at this time in History.
  • Phineas Gage

    He had an iron rod go through his brain. His intellect remained the same but his personality was changed. This was the first suggestion that there is an area of the brain that plays a role in the personality of someone.
    At this time in History there were revolutions taking place in Europe.
  • Paul Broca

    The French Physician discovered that an area in the frontal lobe of the brain holds language development.
    The Civil War was just breaking out in the United States.
  • Carl Wernicke

    He published his findings on the frontal lobe of the brain showing that damage to a specific area can damage the ability to understand and/or produce language.
    There are wrtings from Ulysses S. Grant from this time period.
  • Wilhem Wundt

    He founded the first formal Laboratory of Psychology at the University of Leipzig. This was the beginning of the study of human emotions, behaviors and cognitions.
    Thomas Edison and the success of the lightbulb took place this same year.
  • John Hopkins University Lab

    1st Laboratory of Psychology was opened at John Hopkins University.
    There was a fence cutting war in Texas because Cowboys wanted the open ranges.
  • Sigmund Freud

    In Vienna he began marking the beginning of the personality theory by performing theropy there.
  • William Stern

    He developed the Intelligence Quotient Test.
    The Titanic would sink this year.
  • Anna Freud

    She published her 1st book expanding on her father's ideas in the treatment of children.
  • Walter B. Cannon

    Fight or Flight response.
    The Spanish Civil War was taking place.
  • Electroshock

    Electroshock therapy was first used on a human patient.
    Hitler was named Time Magazine's Man of the Year because he had the most influence on the years events.