A teanage story

  • Date book starts

  • School starts

  • Football tryouts

  • Olivia's gradma dies

  • Period: to

    Olivia in Minnesota

  • Volleyball tryouts

  • First football practice

    Chris finds out Ben doesn't like him very much because he was the starting QB last year and this is his senior year so it's his last chance to play high school football.
  • Period: to

    Camp retreat

    Chris and Oliva go to a camp with their classes and their school. They have to participate in a lot of events and turn out to be the most competitive there. Oliva reveals her secret competitive nature and Chris falls in love with her even more. (Everyone who has played sports knows that she is competitive but if you don't know here then she just seems like the quiet nerdy kid.)
  • Start of volleyball season

    They start the season off with a win
  • Start of football season

    They play their rival. They lose pitifully and the other team laughs at them saying "That's supposed to be the best quarterback in the league. You guys don't stand a chance this year." The team starts to not like Chris.
  • Collage fair

    Oliva starts thinking about what college she will attend. Chris believes that it is a silly idea.
  • Picture day

    Oliva wears ku shirt and does her hair in a braid. Chris wears his football jersey.
  • Period: to

    Volleyball tournamet (collage)

    They get 3rd
  • Period: to

    Volleyball tournament (Confrance)

    They get 2nd
  • Final leage play game for football

    They have to win to get to the playoffs
  • Period: to

    Volleyball tournamet (state)

    They get 1st
  • Homecomming

    Chris asks his cheerleader girlfriend to go with him, but while he is at homecoming he decides that she is not right for him. He breaks up with her at the end of the night because he realizes that he still has feelings for Olivia.
  • Basketball tryouts (girls)

    Not very many girls more for seeing who will play what position than who will make the team. Oliva's 3rd season. Kylie's 4th season. Jada's 2nd.
  • Basketball tryouts (boys)

    There are a lot of guys. Chris's first season.
  • Basketball season starts

  • Championship (football)

    They win vs. their rival that beat them in the first game of the season.
  • Period: to

    Thanksgiving vacation

    Chris has a football game and Oliva goes to it.
  • Period: to

    Week of prayer

    At one of the closing songs they get put next to each other and Chris puts his arm around Oliva while they are singing. Oliva is clearly nervous but can't do anything because that would cause a disturbance.
  • Music concert

    Oliva plays the clarinet, Kylie plays the flute, and Jada plays percussion.
  • ACT tesing

    Oliva sees something come across Instagram and puts studying for it on her summer to-do list for the 2023 summer vacation. Chris thinks it's a big joke.
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Christmas vaction

  • ACT testing

    Chris doesn't care (again) Oliva feels sorry for everyone taking the test.
  • Period: to

    Spring break

  • Period: to

    Week of prayer

  • Athletic banquet

    Oliva and Chris both get the MVP of their teams. The volleyball team comes in 1st in one tournament and 3rd in the other. They come in 2nd in league play. The boy's basketball team comes in 1st in one tournament and 3rd in the other. They come in 4th for league play. The girl's basketball team comes in 1st and 1st in the tournaments. They come in 1st for league play.
  • Banquet

    Chris takes Olivia and they have the time of their lives.
  • Music concert

    Oliva plays the clarinet, Kylie plays the flute, and Jada plays percussion.
  • Yearbook chaple

  • Period: to


  • Last day of school