A History of Instructional Media

By Candy.H
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    The history of instructional media

    The timeline is based on this paper. This date of the event is not sure. But the year is accurate.
  • Period: to

    The first decade of the 20th century

  • School Museums

    Constrast to teachers and textbooks, which are generally viewed as the primary means of presenting instruction. Argument about the role of the teacher in teaching and learning: teachers should be viewed on an equal footing with instructional media
    teachers should not be given sole authority for deciding what instructional media will be employed in classrooms
  • The Visual Instruction Movement

    Magic lanterns
    The motion picture projector
    Instructional Films
  • Period: to

    The Visual Instruction Movement

  • Period: to

    The Audiovisual Instruction Movement

  • The Audiovisual Instruction Movement

    Radio broadcasting
    Sound recordings
    Sound motion pictures
  • Period: to

    World War Ⅱ

  • Military services

    Training films
    Film projectors
    Overhead/Slide projectors
    Audio equipment
    Simulators,Training devices
  • Media comparison studies

  • Period: to

    Post-World War Ⅱ (1950s-mid1990s)

  • Theories of communication

  • Instructional Television

  • Computers (1950s-1995)

  • Recent development