A DAy T o Remember

By tzo123
  • Demo

    this album is their fist of many albums that came out
  • And Their Name Was Treason

    this was their second album with is main song 1958 on it
  • For Those Who Have Heart

    this was the first of three of the for those who have hearts. this is their best one it features such songs as the plot to bomb the panhandle and the price we pay
  • For Those Who Have Heart (Re-Issued)

    his is a re make of their classic album For those who have heart
  • For Those Who Have Heart (DVD Version)

    this was another album that took them a little longer to make it had many good songs such as fast forward to 2012 and since you been gone
  • Old Record

    this album came out in late september and feature such songs as heart-less and you had me at hello
  • NJ Legion Iced Tea

    this was the drop of their single NJ Legion Iced tea
  • Homesick

    this was their best album yet it is called homesick and it features their best songs yet
  • Homesick (Deluxe Edition)[DVD Version]

    this album was actually a DVD and was all their live perfomances of their songs
  • Homesick (Deluxe Edition)

    this is their remak of the original album it has twice as many songs as the original
  • All I Want

    this was their best album so far in their career