John Wooden

  • Birth

    John Wooden was born on October 14, 1910 in Hall, Indiana.
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    John Wooden

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    High school years

    John Wooden was a star basketball player at Martinsville High school.He lead his team to become state champions in1927. He was named All-State from 1926 to 1928.
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    Wooden payed basketball and studied at Purdue University. He was named All-American for 3 years, led Purdue to a National title, and was named College basketball player of the year. He turned down the NBA to study civic engineering but later decided to major in English.
  • Marriage

    In 1932, John Wooden marries Nellie Riley.
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    Coaching begins

    Wooden takes his first teaching job at Dayton High in Kentucky, where he teaches English and coaches basketball. In his first year as basketball coach, the team has a losing season, the only one in Wooden's career.
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    Final high school years

    Wooden coaches at Central High in South Bend, Indiana for 7 years and ends his high school coaching career with a record of 218 wins and 42 losses.
  • US Navy

    Enlists in the U.S. Navy. Serves as a physical education instructor in World War II
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    Indiana State

    After he leaves the US Navy, Wooden moves to Indiana to coach Indiana State and for 2 years leads them to a recrord of 47-14 and a conference title in 1947.
  • UCLA years

    Got Head Coaching job at UCLA and led them to a 22-7 record.
  • First time champs

    John Wooden leads the Bruins to their first Conference Championship
  • First tournament

    Leads UCLA to first NCAA Tournament.
  • Hall of Fame player

    Inducted into National Basketball Hall of fame as player.
  • Coach of the year

    Won Henry IBA Award Coach of the Year
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    Decade of Champions

    Leads UCLA to 10 NCAA championships
  • Hall of Fame

    Inducted in National basketball Hall of Fame as a coach.
  • Retirement

    Ended his coaching career with UCLA and finished with an overall record of 620-147
  • Greatest of All Time

    In 2009, John R. Wooden was named The Sporting News "Greatest Coach of All Time".
  • Death

    John Wooden died of natural causes at the age of 99.