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Phil Jackson Acheivements

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    Great achievements

  • First NBA Champions

    This was his first and only championship while playing with New york Knicks.
  • Debuts with New York Knicks

    Signs up with New York Knicks. Forwad/Center. 17th pick in 1976 NBA draft.
  • Retires from New York Knicks

    After 10 difficult years of playing with New York, he finally retires from the New York Knicks.
  • Head coach of Chicsgo Bulls

    9 years after retiring from the Knicks, Phil Jackson was the head coach of the Chicage Bulls in 1989.
  • 1st Championship

    This was Phil Jackson's first championship while coachin and also 1st championship of the bulls.
  • 2nd championship

    He wins his 2nd consecutive championship with the Bulls.
  • 3rd championship

    This was his 3rd championship in a row!
  • 4th championship, NBA coach of the year

    He won his 4th championship after a break of 3 years and also he was the coach of the year.
  • 5th championnship

    He got his 5th championship with the bulls. This was again his 2nd in a row championship.
  • 6th championship

    This champion ship was again his 3rd in a row with the Bulls.
  • 7th championship with Los Angeles Lakers

    He left the Bulls and started coaching the L.A Lakers. And he won a championship with them in the year of 2000.
  • 8th championship

    This was again his 2nd back to back championship. He had total of 3 2 in a row championshiips by the year of 2001
  • 9th championship

    This was his 3rd back to back championship with the Lakers.
    This was his 3rd, 3 in a row championship.
  • 10th championship

    This was his 10th championship in total with both Bulls and Lakers.
  • Becomes the most winningest coach

    Phil Jackson was honored as the most winningest coach in the year 2010. And he still has a really strong team and he will win more championship hopefully.