computer timeline

  • Hewlett Packard introduce its HP-85

    The HP-85 was a microcomputer that had 16KB of RAM and a CRT display,
    CRT is Cathode Ray Tube.
  • Atari releases two computer games

    Atari releases two computer games named "asteroids" and "lunar Landar".
  • IBM Hires Paul Allen and Bill Gates To Create an Operating System for the PC

    The both bought rights to an operating system manufactured by Seattle Computer Products, they used this system as a template. IBM allowed Paul Allen and Bill Gates to keep the marketing rights of the new system called DOS.
  • IBM hires Microsoft.

    IBM hired microsoft to develop versions of BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, and Pascal for the PC that was being made by IBM.
  • First U,S, patent for a computer software program

    Satya Pal Asija recieves the first U.S. patent for a computer software program.
  • Diskeeper is founded.

    Diskeeper is Founded,
  • MS-DOS 1.0

    MS-DOS 1.0 is released
  • Portable Computers!

    Adam Osborne released the first "Portable Computer" named Osborne 1, which weighed around 25 lbs.
  • IBM joins the race

    IBM makes the IBM 5150 PC that used a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 processor, 16 KB base memory and a PC DOS (MS-DOS) for the OS.
  • 80286

    Intel introduces the 80286.
  • Trinitron!

    Sony releases its first Trinitron monitor.
  • 1.25

    The MS-DOS 1.25 is introduced
  • Compaq Portable

    Compaq introduces the first 100% IBM compatible computer. named "Compaq Portable".
  • XT

    The IBM XT is first introduced.
  • !!!

    Paul Allen Leaves Microsoft.