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  • Z1 Computer

    The first ever freely programmable computer. the creater was Konrad Zuse
  • ABC Computer

    Clifford berry was the creater. Who was first in the computing biz is not always as easy as ABC.
  • Harvard Mark I Computer

    This Computer weighed over 10,000lbs, with a five horsepower electric motor
  • The Transistor

    The Transistor is a huge part of computing even though it is not a computer.

    First commercial computer & able to pick presidential winners.
  • IBM 701 computer

    IBM enters the world of computers
  • FOURTRAN computer programming launguage

    The first successful high level programming language.
  • ERMA

    first bank industry computer
  • ARPAnet

    The very first internet
  • intel 1103 computer memory

    the first RAM chip.
  • Floppy drive

    The new way of saving data
  • intel 4004

    the first ever microprocessor
  • The Ethernet Computer Networking

    The first networking program
  • IBM 5100 computer

    The first consumer computer
  • intel 8088

    The first microprocessor put in a personal computer
  • wordstar software

    first word processor
  • Osborne 1

    The first laptop every produced.
  • IBM PC

    The first affordable PC
  • Apple Lisa Computer

    The first PC with a GUI
  • Apple Macintosh computer

    the more affordable computer
  • microsoft created

    The microsoft creaters are Bill gates and Paul Allen microsoft is probably the biggest industry in computing, microsoft is to thank for everything we do on computers
  • windows 1.0

    Microsofts first software system
  • Windows 95

    One of microsofts most popular softwares.
  • Windows Vista

    very popluar today.
  • Windows 7

    The Newest version of windows