Computer Timeline

  • Konrad Zuse makes Z1 Computer

    First freely programmable computer.
  • Harvard Mark I Computer

    First machine to compute long calculations automatically.
  • Transistor Invented

    An important part in developing computers.
  • UNIVAC Computer Invented

    The first commercial computer system.
  • FORTRAN Computer Programming Language

    First high level computer programming language.
  • Integrated Circuit Released

    The integrated circuit which greatly reduced the price and size of computer first released.
  • First Computer Game Invented

    Spacewars was the first computer game invented.
  • First Mouse Made

    The first mouse was made, which is a tool that controls the computer.
  • First RAM Chip Released

    The first Dynamic Random Access Memory chip was first released. This was invented by Robert Dennard.
  • First Microprocessor Introduced

    Made by the new company Intel, it's what started this company off.
  • Floppy Disk Drive Invented

  • First IBM PC

  • MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) First Released

  • Windows Microsoft Announced

  • Windows 3.0 Released

    Three million copies sold in the first year.
  • Windows 3.1 Released

    Three million copies sold in the first two months.
  • IBM 701

    The fisrt successful general purpose computer.
  • Windows 95 Released

  • Windows 98 Released

  • Windows 2000 Released

  • Windows XP released

  • Windows Vista Released

  • Windows 7 Released