Indonesia Timeline

By kyle d.
  • 400

    Indonesia Interested in India's Culture

    Indonesia began to adopt the Buddhist and Hindu religion in Java and Sumatra. Indonesians learned some Sanskrit words, domesticated horses and elephants, and looked to India's architecture to create new styles in their religious buildings.
  • 500

    Sumatra Began to Evolve

    Sumatra began to flourish when people from Taiwon moved towards Southeast Asia. Trading towns were created due to Sumatra's convenient location in the India-China trade route.
  • Jan 1, 700

    Two Main Religious Temples Established

    Two Main Religious Temples Established
    The Buddhist Srivijaya Kingdom in Sumatra, as well as the Hindu-Buddhist Mataram & Sailendra Kingodoms in Central Java were established based on Indonesians' interest in India's religion. The Srivijaya Kingdom was located based on foreign trade, and controlled the Strait of Malacca.
  • Jan 1, 1294

    Indonesia's Golden Century

    Indonesia's Golden Century
    Although the Mataram Kingdom tumbled in an earthquake this year, the javanese art and culture developed. The Majapahit Empire ruled after Mataram, uniting all of Indonesia, and ruling for 2 centuries.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Islam Becomes Indonesia's Official Religion

    Indonesian rulers made Islam it's main religion in order to keep strong ties with the port of Malacca which was the center of Islam and trade. Islamic trade brought Indonesia more wealth and power.
  • Dutch control Indonesia

    The Dutch East India Company monopolized the production of coffee, sugar, tea, and cotton. This led many Indonesians into becoming servants for the Dutch. This also meant that the Dutch had control over the total profits coming in through the trade.
  • Indonesia Collapses

    The Dutch become bankrupt , leaving Indonesia it's biggest commercial collapse to date.
  • British Rule

    From 1811 to 1815, Indonesia was under British rule. After four years of British rule, the Dutch came back into power.
  • Education

    Colleges opened in Indonesia, but many were sent to study in Holland. After four years in Holland, many Indonesians returned with an education and wanting freedom from the Dutch.
  • Indonesia National Party (PNI)

    This group was formed under the leadership of Sukarno, who was a former engineer. PNI demanded independence from the Dutch. Once Sukarno became too powerful, the Dutch arrested and banished him from Indonesia.
  • Proclomation of the independend Republic of Indonesia

  • Independence

    Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta, Indonesian leaders, declared independence in 1945.
  • Crisis

    Indonesia goes into bankruptcy once again due to an economic crisis. Prices rose, riots began, and 200 people died. President Soeharto resigned after 32 years, leaving Vice President Habibie to end the rioting, which he did not.
  • New President

    Abdurrahman, chairman of the biggest Muslim organization, was elected the fourth president of Indonesia. Many Indonesians were not pleased with him being elected; two financial scandals occured during his presidency, and violence was still happening.