Coleman.Michael Jordan

  • Michael Jordan is born .

    Michael Jordan is born .
    Michael Jordan Was born in Brooklyn, New York on Feb. 17th , 1963 .
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    Michael Jordan

  • Jordan's Hero

    Jodan's hero growing up was Julius Erving . Jordan looked up to him and he inspired Michael to do his own double-pumping jams. Julius gave Jordan a target to his career.
  • Michael Jordan's First Challenge , He Was Very Shy !

    When my Michael was younger many kids made fun of him for his ears that suck out . Michael thought he was ugly and did not have many friends. He was very shy growing up .
  • Older Brother , Larry !

    Older Brother , Larry !
    The two of them played everyday. Larry taught him free-wheeling , gambling , and his agressive syle . Michael puts himself second to Larry and believes Larry made him famous. He says without Larry he would not be as good as he is today .
  • Coach Smith

    Coach Smith geat coaching skills and honesty helped Michael get top recruits like North Carolina year after year . He was one of Jordans favorite coaches
  • Another Challenge , Not Making The Team !

    Michael Jodan was not the best basketball player at fist. During his sophomore year he did not make he starting team at Laney High School. He sat angry on the bench he entire season. The coaches seemed to only pay attenion to the tall players .
  • M.L.K Day

    Jan . 20th , 1980 Martin Luthe King Day is celebrated as an official national holiday .
  • Space Shuttle Expoldes

    The Space Shuttle, Challenger explodes just moments after take off.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia!

    In 1980 The Space Shuttle , Columbia lifts off on its first flight and returns safetly after two days .
  • Inteesting Fact

    Inteesting Fact
    In 1984 Jordan made two of his career highlights . He got College Player of the Year and he wan an olympic gold medalist.
  • Michael Jordan gets the championship trophy !

    Michael Jordan gets the championship trophy !
    In 1991 Jordan go the NBA championship trophy after the Bulls beat the Lakers four out of five games .
  • Third Striat M.V.P !

    Third Striat M.V.P !
    Michael Jordan was awarded his third strait M.V.P trophy , in 1993.