The History of Computer

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  • Pascaline

  • Period: to

    The Chinese Abacus

  • Z1 Computer

    Z1 Computer
    這台Z1計算機由Konrad Zuse發明的。 它自由地是第一台可編程序的計算機。
  • Electronical Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)

    Electronical Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)
    This is the first ever Eniac computer. It is nearly as big as a bedroom. Charles Babbage were the ones who invente the computer but John Persper Eckert & John W. Mauchly were the ones who invented the computer first and electronically. They bulit the ENIAC. Charles babbage was given the creidt of inventing the computer, because he was the one who had the idea of making programmable machines.
  • Manchester Mark 1

    Manchester Mark 1
    Manchester mark 1 was the first ever computer that had a program recorded in its memory. This invention was bulit at the University of Manchester in England.
  • UNIVAC computer

    UNIVAC computer
    It is the first commericial computer & be able to pick presidental winners. It is invented by John Persper Eckert and John W. Mauchly.
  • The Transistor

    The Transistor
    This is an American invention. They let compuers to carry out much more calculations, use little electricity and take up less space.
  • Microchips

  • Jaguar XT5

    Jaguar XT5
  • Period: to