Chapter 8 timeline!!!!!!!!!

By hdake
  • Jefferson elected as president

  • adams makes "midnight" appoinments

    adams makes a move and appoints a bunch of federalists onto the government to try the maintain control oif the political party
  • Judiciary Act repealed

    the Judiciary Act was a landmark statute adopted on September 24, 1789 in the first session of the First United States Congress establishing the U.S. federal judiciary. Article III, section 1 of the Constitution prescribed that the "judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court," and such inferior courts as Congress saw fit to establish. It made no provision, though, for the composition or procedures of any of the courts, leaving this to Congress to decide.
  • Matshall rules on MArbury vs Madison

    This case resulted from a petition to the Supreme Court by William Marbury, who had been appointed by President John Adams as Justice of the Peace in the District of Columbia but whose commission was not subsequently delivered. Marbury petitioned the Supreme Court to force Secretary of State James Madison to deliver the documents, but the court, with John Marshall as Chief Justice, denied Marbury's petition, holding that the part of the statute upon which he based his claim, the Judiciary Act of
  • Louisiana Purchase

    for 15 millions dollars Jefferson doubled the size of the unted states.
  • Lewis and Clark expolre the northwest

    Lewis and Clark expolre the new purchase of land and make it all the way to the Pacific ocean.
  • Arron Burr kills Alexander Hamilton

    they were political enemies and Arron Burr decided to kill Hamilton bercause he was being a jerk.
  • Jefferson elected to second term

  • Justice Samuel Chase acquitted by Senate

  • Aarron Burr is tried for conspiracy

    assembles a military and tries to start a revolt
  • Embargo Act passed

    The Embargo of 1807 and the subsequent Nonintercourse Acts were American laws restricting American ships from engaging in foreign trade 1807 and 1812. They led to the War of 1812 between the U.S. and Britain.
  • Slave trade ended

    Jefferson wanted to end slave trade
  • embargo act repealed; non-intercourse act passed

    replaced the Embargo Act of 1807 with the almost unenforceable Non-Intercourse Act of March 1809. This Act lifted all embargoes on American shipping except for those bound for British or French ports
  • harrison defeats indians at tippecanoe

  • declraration of war against great britian

    they declare war against great britain
  • madison elected to second term

    defeated De Witt Clinton of New York
  • battler of put n bay

    Perry destroys British fleet
  • horshoe bend

    jackson crushes creek indians at horshoe bend
  • hartford convention

    meets to recommend constitutiional changes
  • treaty of ghent

    ends the war of 1812
  • battle of new orleans

    Jackson defeats british at the battle of New ORleans