1970's computer events

  • Floppy disk

    Floppy disk
    Alan Shugart created the floppy disk in 1971. It was an easy means of transporting data from computer to computer. This was a revolutionary idea for data transporting, and spawned the idea for new innovation like CD and Flash memory that we use today.
  • Microprocessor

    The Microprocessor is responsible for ensuring instruction from one part of the computer reach all other parts. Without a Microprocess you could not click with you mouse, and type on your keyboard. It was created by a team, Federico Faggin, Marcian Hoff, Stanley Mazor, and Masatoshi Shima
  • Ethernet

    Ethernet was created by Robert Metcalfe in 1973. It's a network that allows devices to communicate information over distance. This allows for communication in local areas like business and over longer distances to major internet servers.
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    Created by Steven Sasson in 1975 the digital camera recorded black and white images on to a cassette tape. Sasson and his colleagues had to invent a special screen to look at the images. This device was the start of all digital photography and film, it pioneered the cameras used in phones, moves, and even webcams.
  • Inkjet Printer

    Inkjet Printer
    Developed by John Vaught in 1976 using the idea of heating the ink to allow it to spread evenly over the printing surface. Although the inkjet would not become popular until the 1980's it was a large step in the development of modern printing.