9 history time line assigment

  • The Age of Enlightment

    The Age of Enlightment
    The age of Enlightment was a historical time when ppeople gained a system of knowledge, people had their own rights,freedom and were indtroduced to various progression of new schools teaching science, maths ect. There is little knowledge on the precise beginging of the Enlightment but they think it was about the middle of the 17th century (1650) of the beginging of the 18th century (1701)
  • James cook discovers Australia.

    James cook discovers Australia.
    Captain James cook discovered Australia in 1776. He was actually one of the many different explores to find Australia. Captain James cook ship was the Resolution and landed in southern Tasmania. When Captain james spread the news about many different ships were sent to Discover the rest of Australia and later on start a new settlement there.
  • Free Settlers

    Free Settlers
    There weren't many free settlers in the Early days of Australia. Most people brought to Australia were covicts and officers. Free settlers were normal people who wanted to leave there home town to move to the new world. There were many different reasons for people to leave England some left to find more land to farm on, some left to get new jobs and some left to start a new life.
  • The First fleet

    The First fleet
    The first fleet was the group of ship that were heading for Australia. They were under the command of caption James Cook. They left on the 13 of may 1787 bound for Australia, the trip took 252 days. There were 1044 passangers that included officers, their wifes and children, and some free settlers. There were 504 male convicts and 192 female convitcts. Ships arrived in botany bay from 18-20 of January.
  • Movement of peoples part 1 free settlers

    Movement of peoples part 1 free settlers
    On the 13 of may 1887 the first fleet to Australia left with free settlers ready to start a new life in Australia. They arrived on the 25 of January at sydney cove to start the new settlement. Many people left to start there new life and become more wealthly and own new land. Unfortantly due to having many new settlers moving to Australia many sickness were brought over with the settlers and effected many of the native Australians. http://australia.gov.au/aboutaustralia
  • The making off New South Wales , Van Diemen's Land and Western Australia.

    The making off New South Wales , Van Diemen's Land and Western Australia.
    When Australia was first settled in there was only one state and that was New South Wales. It was first founded on the 7th of February 1788. Later on the bored expanded and a new state was made called Van Diemen's Land ( Tasmania ). It was founded on the 3 of december 1825. Later on the unexplored west of Australia was founded and called Swan River Colony. They shortly changed there name to Western Australia on the 6th of february 1832.
  • South Australia is settled

    South Australia is settled
    On December 28th 1836 South Australia was first declared a state. It was surrounded by New South Wales and was tiny compared to the other states. Later on it gained more land and South Australia was were NT was as well as its own land. They later lost that land and it became NSW again.
  • Voluntry Migration

    Voluntry Migration
    Many poeple who moved to Australia were not all convicts. Many people decided to move to Australia to start a new life. Many took there famlies with them and left. Many migrated for different reasons some to find more work because there jobs were being replaced, many people were kicked out of there farms at this time so they left to go find new farming land.
  • Convicts

    A main group of people that were sent to Australai were convicts. There about 700 both male and female convicts on the first fleet. The convicts were sent to Australia against there will and were usually crinimals. Some were put in for little crimes like stealing a loaf of bread and others were more serious like murder.
  • The Death of Austro-Hungarain duke Franz Ferdinand sparks tension.

    The Death of Austro-Hungarain duke Franz Ferdinand sparks tension.
    After the death of duke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian terriost Gavrilo Princip. After this happened Austro-Hungary threatened Serbia to give Princip up or else, but the Serbians didn't know who had killed Franz so could do nothing, Russia threatened Austro-Hungary not to invade, in turn the German Empire (who had a treaty with Austro-Hungary) threatened Russia, Britain and France threatened Germany as Britain and France had a treaty with Russia, Japan also helped Britain under the 1905 Anglo-Japa
  • Anzac land in ANZAC cove

    Anzac land in ANZAC cove
    The Australian and New Zealand armies landed in Gallipoli to take over. Little did they know they were attacked the minute they landed by the Turks and many men were killed. British commanders told the Australian and New Zealand forces to keep charging up the moutains into the fire of the Turkish forces. By the end of the battle Australia and New Zealand have had many losses.
  • America joins ww1

    America joins ww1
    America joined the war on the 6th of april 1917, up till this point America were having nothing to do with the war and stay out of the conflict. They joined the war because of a sinking of the American ship Lusitania. Many Americans were killed during the sinking and tensions started to rise. Another reason was it was looking like the Germas were going to be beaten and the Amercians wanted there part of the defeat of the Germans.