Womens Suffrage between 1776-1920

By jmm1996
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    Two sperate women suffrage groups mereged to for the NAWSA National American Women Suffrage Association. The first President was Cady Staton and the Second was Susan B. Anthony. They did this to show their frustration over the difficulty of gaining suffrage.
  • Vote for Women

    Vote for Women
    American women fought longer and harder for the right to vote than any other reform.
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    Between 1896 and 1910, women did not gain the right to vote in a single state. Then, between 1910 and 1914, seven more states approved full suffrage for women. So now we have Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, California, Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and Montana

    Only four states allowed women to vote were Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Colorado. Before this the passing ferderal amendment had failed.
  • Sucess

    The Westeren turned the in favor of women suffrage. The U.S entry into WW1 in around 1917 made the final difference in suffrage.

    Carrie Catt the President of NAWSA and membership of this roup reched to about 2 million.They also argued that the nation could no longer deny the right to vote to women when they were supporting effort for the war by selling bonds amd benefits that were organized.
  • President Wilson

     President Wilson
    Wilson urged the Senate to pass a women's suffrage amendment. He called passage" vital to the winning of the war" by President Wilson
  • Nineteenth Amendment

    Nineteenth  Amendment
    The House passed the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the full right to vote but the Senate approved the amendment in 1919. Then in 1920, the states ratfied it.
  • Happy Times

    Happy Times
    Women preformed marches, oarades, and railies around the whole entire country. Charlotte Woodard had attened the first ever women's rights convention in 1848 at Seneca Falls as a young teen. In 1920 Woodard was 91 years old when she started to vote in a Presidential eletion for the first time ever in her life.