Evolution of technology in education

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    History of technology in education

  • Simple technologies

    Simple technologies
    Since the mid 20th century new technologies have been taking on an important role in education. At first, simple overhead projectors stepped into the classroom sparingly to let students catch a glimpse of the world to come.
  • Making copies

    Making copies
    Books and photocopies have been pervasive for decades.
  • Audio-visual aids

    Audio-visual aids
    VCR's were incorporated to make lessons more vivid and realistic. Moving pictures were better remembered by students than still text.
  • Computers into the picture

    Computers into the picture
    Computers started becoming great teacher allies, at least for the presentation of interesting eye-catching lessons in powerpoint, for instance. Today, they are the key to education. They have contributed to making education move from active to interactive learning.
  • Social Networks

    Social Networks
    This interaction and collaboration has given birth to mind-boggling social networks which extend the participants of the learning process far beyond the classroom - far beyond teacher and students. Today's world is all about change.
  • Smart boards

    Smart boards
    Live boards or smart boards promise to spread interactivity.
  • Blogs, wikis, open source software

    Blogs, wikis, open source software
    Technology has taken this interactivity to a further stage: collaboration. Today's world is all about collaborative creation and learning.
  • This is only the beginning

    This is only the beginning
    What is there in store for us teachers? Complete the timeline with how you think technology will impact education in the next 40 years.