"Diversity, Prejudice, Discrimination"

By ninita
  • Period: Nov 8, 1500 to

    "Diversity, Prejudice, Descrimination"

  • Nov 9, 1500

    Early Attitudes Toward Women

    Since early ages women were always refered as inferior sex. Like Greek mythology sais that it was a women who opened the forbidden box and brought plagues and sadness to mankind. Roman law describes women as children. And many other thoughts show women an inferior sex.
  • Feminist Philosophies

    At the en of the20th century individual liberty was being hotly debated. During the French Revolution it was published the "Declaration of th Rights of Woman" saying how it was wrong to mention the women on their declaration.
    Afterwords many women started giving their point of view in diferent ways. Like Elizabeth Cady Stanton leaded theoretician of the women's rights movements and had her "Woman's Bible" published in diferebte parts.
  • Women at Work

    Women at Work
    At first women worked perfectly. Had jos that normally would be for men, could have a house with no problems, ect. Then everything changed and their occupations were taken except for writing and teaching. Since then it all became more deficult for women.
  • The Legal Status of Women

    For a long time women when they unmarried they could own everuthing they wonted, but if they are married everything they own goes to the husband. if the husband wanted he could send his child to a poor house and the mother couln't anything. Thne in csome places they changes everything and leted the women to adt as lawyers any many times they could get property if the husband agreed. If thye ever got divorced they could get everything ajd saty with their child.
  • Women in Reform Movements

    Women in the US started movements to improve education, to initiate prison reform, to ban alcoholic drinks, and, during the pre-Civil War period, to free the slaves.
    When it wasn't respectable for women to speak before mixed audiences two sisteas were always speaking. Some men thought they were right so they supported them and leted them participate. Women saw eachother like slaves because they had to have same respect for their husbands. And said that drunked husbands bring family to poverty.
  • Fighting for the Vote

    Fighting for the Vote
    The first women's rights convention took place was in July 1848.A part of the declaration was then emerged to the Declaration of Independence which said "all men and women are created equal" and that "the history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman."
    Many women started associantion in to city that ended up to be just one. They had many struggles and failed about all of them.
  • The Weakes Sex??

    The Weakes Sex??
    Women were consider the weaker saex since they had to stay home and learn everything from their mom. They also had to clean and do traditional work but they also required hard work.They learn the cleaning and taking care home.
    They just could learn how to wright and read in dame schools. They could just attend at better schools when there was room or during the summer. And about all of the women that could attend in 19th century coould go to collage and have a better future.
  • Women in Politics

    Women in Politics
    Women since 1920 have had the right to vote but in minimum roles. But since 1984 a woman was choosen to be part of a major party which was Geraldine Ferraro of New York runing for vice-president.