Imperialism in India

By lukwil2
  • Jan 1, 1497

    Vasco De Gama Sails For India

    Vasco De Gama Sails For India
    Vasco De Gama and his crew were amazed with all the spices, rare silks, and precious gems that he had never seen when his boat landed in india
  • Establishment of The British East India Company

    Establishment of The British East India Company
    The british economic interest in india was very big. They set up trading posts at Bombay, Madras, and Calculatta
  • Decline of The Mughal Empire

    Decline of The Mughal Empire
    Aurangzeb was the ruler of the empire when it declined. It declined because of his wasteful spending, no more tolorance, and he drainded the empire of its resouces.
  • Industrial Reolution in Britian

    Industrial Reolution in Britian
    During this time period, there was an increase of machine made goods
  • British Overcome French and Take Control of India

    At the battle of Plassey, the East Indian Company defeted the alied army of the french and indians
  • Creation Of The Indian National Congress

    Creation Of The Indian National Congress
    some indians began demanding a greater role in governing themselves
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    Sepoy Rebellion
    The rebellion was caused by many different things the british did to mistreat the indians. There were also rumors spread about the way gunpowder was made, in which made them furious
  • British Colonized India

    The british took direct control over india in fear of more revolts
  • Creation of The Muslim League

    Creation of The Muslim League
    Muslims felt that the INC was dominated by the hindus and created the Muslim League
  • Amrisar Massacre

    Hindus and Muslims decieded to protest the Rowlatt Acts in Amrisar and were gunded down by british soilders.
  • Rowlett Acts

    The British made the Rowlett Acts to deal with the revolutionaries
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Leadership of The INC

    Gandihi was a great leader in the independence movment. He attracted followers by using non-violent tactics
  • The Salt March

    The Salt March
    When the Indians had to pay a tax on salt, they stopped buying salt from the British they collected sea water and let the water evaperate
  • Government of India Act

    This act granted a small part in the government for the hindus and muslim people.
  • Riots Between Hindus and Muslims

    Rioting between the Hindus and Muslims broke out in several Indian cities. Four days of clashes in calcutta left more than 5000 people dead
  • Indian Pakistan Independence

    The british house of commers passed an act that granted india and pakistan independence
  • 1948

    A hindu extremist who thought gandhi was to protective of muslims so he shot and killed him