Civil war flag

us history

  • earliest abolistionist group

    first slave ending group formed
  • importance of education

    a trend developed durring the 1700's of education, meaning more people were going to school. a main contributer to this time was Noah Webster who graduated from yale university in 1778
  • 1750

    British inventors perfected a series of machines that would enable the textile industry to mass-produce its products. One of the machines they perfected included the steam engine, Watt perfected a steam engine between 1765 and 1785
  • first california mission formed

  • first mission

    Father Junipero Serra founded the first mission in 1769
  • missions

    the spanish started building missions in california
  • first textile industry in the united states

    samuel slater and his finantial backers made the first successful textile industry in the united states
  • inovater: eli whitney

    Whitney was able to secure a contract with the American government in 1796 to produce over 10,000 guns in as little as two years. Although Whitney did not finish his job on time, his rationalization led to the concept of interchangeable parts
  • cotton gin

    eli also invented the cotton gin wich increased the profit per pound of cotton 6000%
  • educational reform

    durring the 1800's there was an educational reform because there was not enough schools in the nation
  • congress banned importation of slaves

  • uprisings in mexico

    in 1810 there started to be uprisings in mexico so they cold have a self government
  • prison reform

    as crime was on a rise, the quality of the prisons was on a fast track of demise, so dortha dix made a report to make the condition, wich led to the prison reform
  • temperance movement begins

    geared towards eleminating alchol consumption
  • abolitionist movement

    it was a group of people who wanted african americans freed from slavery
  • rush baggor agreement

  • frederick douglass

    born to a slave family, learned to read and write, and escaped. was a major player in the abolitionist movements
  • Mc culloch vs marryland

  • slave population reaches 1.5 million

  • a well educated nation

    in the 1820's the politacal leaders saw that if the country was going to be a successful one, it had to be well educated
  • uprising for independence

  • mexico gains independance from spain

  • joining forces

    an army officer joined forces with the rebels and they eventually overthw the government
  • first american colony in texas

  • mexican colonization law issued

  • monroe doctrine

  • gibbions vs ogden

  • john quincy adams becomes president

  • tariff of 1828 implemented

  • andrew jackson elected presedent of united states

  • implemented indian removal act

  • the liberator

    lloyed garrison published the liberator for the first time
  • cholera epidemic kills thousands in the united states

  • south carolina thretens to secede over tariff

  • jackson vetos national bank

  • worchester vs. georgia

  • force bill passed

  • introduction of compromise tariff

  • national trades union formed

  • gag rule

    congress passed the gag rule wich prohibited any anti-slavery petitions for another eight years
  • panic of 1837

  • trail of tears

  • major rise in immigration to the united ststes

    united stated known as the "melting pot"
  • ethnic and religious riots in united states

  • surge of immegration to the united states due the irish potato famine

  • the north south split in methodist and baptist churches

  • life and times of frederick douglass

    a biografy of freds' life as a slave and escape and his life after
  • surge of immegration due to the failed germen revolution

  • new mexico

    new mexico became a state after previously being part of mexico
  • population of new york reaches one half million