Lincoln Hall's First Mount Everest climb

By riley
  • The start of the journey

    The start of the journey
    Lincolns team (Geoff, Tim, Greg and Andy) flew from Sydney to Hong Kong. From Hong Kong they travelled by train to Beijing, then by plane to Chengdu, and finally plane to Tibet.
  • Embarking up the summit

    Embarking up the summit
    The journey began as the Chinese Mountaineering Association had given them permission to climb.
  • unpacking

    The team acclimatised at ABC by spending several days organising the camps and unpacking all our belongings and supplies we had bought from Australia. They needed to use yaks to carry the supplies up.
  • Avalanche tumbled down hill

    Avalanche tumbled down hill
    An enormous avalanche had tumbled down the hill and swept into the valley, so it was too dangerous to set up camp one any higher.
  • setting up ABC(advanced base camp)

    setting up ABC(advanced base camp)
    They then setted up the ABC ten kilometres up the Central Rongbuk Glacier.The yaks helped to carry their supply up.
  • spending several days at ABC

    spending several days at ABC
    Getting a perfect rest after distress
  • during the three weeks before

    Some of our ropes and supplies we had to carry up the mountain were swept away by avalanche and some other supplies were buried under a huge amount of snow. The team then had to turn back to Central Rongbuk Glacier and was determined to set up a camp two, because they needed to recover from the huge effort of climbing 6000m (6km)
  • the following morning

    Greg and Geof decided to get an early start on climbing the vertical section the following morning, but they surely did not have a good night sleep.
  • The next morning

    The next morning
    Greg took two hours to climb a gully in the vertical cliff. This was very complicated because, a thin layer of slippery ice covered the rocks so that made Greg hard to climb while always slipping. The bright sunshine had hit one of of them in the eyes, he was reaching for his sunglasses but unfortunately it was in his backpack at the bottom. Then suddenly he found his sunglasses in the top pocket of his pack but it was too late. Suffering from snow blindness, greg huddles in broken camp two.
  • Tim and lincoln set out next morning

    Their bodies were well acclimatised now, so they were able to climb more than twice as fast as when we first arrived at the base of everest. Greg was waiting for them in his tent at 6800m and he could hardly see the outside.
  • Setting up Camp Three

    Setting up Camp Three
    Camp three was set in a crevasse at 7500m. The team were very cold.
  • perfect weather for them to climb the summit

    In the early morning the shining sun was bright so it was a perfect time, weather and day to climb the summit. It was slow because we were not using oxygen, but the snow was in good condition for climbing. As we drew closer closer to the top of the coulior we entered the shadow cast by Everests massive summit pyramid.
  • Driving away from Base Camp

    When the team had drove away from Base Camp two days later, Lincoln thought that himself would never return to the world's biggest mountain.