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Computers And There History

  • The Analytical Engine

    The Analytical Engine
    Analytical Engine is an ancient mechanical computer designed to calculate astronomical positions. The Analytical Engine was invinted Charels Babbage
  • Period: to

    From then to To Now

  • The Birth of Digital computer

    The Birth of Digital computer
    John Astonoff and Clifford Berry at Iowa State University. Inveted the First Digital computer.
  • Konrads Zuse's Z3

    Konrads Zuse's Z3
    Konrad Zuse invented the Z3 in 1941. The Z3 was base on a binary floating-point number and switching system. The Z3 had a 64 word memory and 22 bits each
  • The E.N.I.A.C.

    The E.N.I.A.C.
    http://inventors.about.com/od/estartinventions/a/Eniac.htm The E.N.I.A.C was the first calculating machine invented by Blassie Pascal it was the first calculating machine
  • Small-Scale Experimental Machine or "Baby"

    Small-Scale Experimental Machine or "Baby"
    It was the first machine that had all the components now classically regarded as characteristic of the basic computer. Most importantly it was the first computer that could store not only data but any (short!) user program in electronic memory and process it at electronic speed
  • The Transistor Computer.

    The Transistor Computer.
    e experimental Transistor Computer was first operational in November 1953 and it is believed to be the first transistor computer to come into operation anywhere in the world. There were 2 versions of the Transistor Computer, the prototype, operational in 1953, and the full-size version, commissioned in April 1955. This computer was invented by Manchester University
  • The First minicomputer

    The First minicomputer
    Texas Instruments and Fairchild semiconductor both announce the integrated circuit. This minicomputer was sold for $20,000
  • The Workstation

    The Workstation
    The Xerox Alto was the first workstion. It included functional computer, display, and mouse.
  • The Apple 1

    The Apple 1
    Apple-1 was an early personal computer. They were designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. The apple 1 was sold at $666.66
  • The IBM PC

    The IBM PC
    IBM was the first personal computer. The IBM was invented by the company IBM with partnership with microsoft's Bill Gates
  • The First Laptop

    The First Laptop
    The Osborne 1 was first availible in 1981. This laptop was invented by a man named Adam Osborne. At this time the need for new technology was at a great need so this product sold for $1800 dallar at the time
  • The Amgia 1000

    The Amgia 1000
    The Amigia was created by Commodore Amiga. It was origonaly created to be a personal computer. It held a 256 kB of RAM at a price of $1,295. A 13-inch screen was available for around $300 bringing the price of a complete Amiga system to $1,595
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    Only 1.08 inches thin and only 4.7 pounds,1 the sleek MacBook cuts a slim profile on any desk.