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History of Instructional Design

  • Mager wrote Preparing Objectives for Programmed Instruction

  • NSPI formed between military and university researchers to train miliary personnel

  • Job Corps created

  • Individualizing education using computers to track student progress (PLAN)

  • Corrigan's Paper: Programmed Instruction as a Systems Approach to Education"

  • Individually prescribed instruction (IPI)

  • Technology in Teaching

  • Gagne develops Events of Instruction Framework

  • President Johnson invests in Education with War on Poverty

  • ESEA developed to support innovation in schools

  • Computer Assisted Instruction developed (CAI)

  • Integrated Learning Systems of films, audiotapes, and filmstrips

  • Bruner introduces Cognitive Theory

  • DAVI offers session on Programed Instruction

  • Instructional Design is born

  • Large businesses develop ISD models for training employees

  • Postlethwait formed organization: International Audio-Tutorial Congress

  • Discover Method of instruction

  • Instructional Development Institute (IDI) formed to train educators

  • AECT is developed

  • Military develops program for instructional systems

  • First profesional journal published (JID)

  • The Power of Computers

    During the '80s more access to computers. A new delivery platform is media.
  • IBSTPI issues competencybased standards for ID

  • ADDIE Model/Process is fundamental to ISD

  • Access to Internet become more commonplace

    During the 1990s rapid growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Web-based instruction requires more learner control rather than teacher controlled learning activities.
  • Constructivism Theory of Learning developed

  • Instructional Technology has come of age

  • Learning Objects